Foods to Avoid with Celiac Disease

Aug 07, 2013

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    Wheat, Rye, Barley

    Foods made up of wheat, barley and rye should clearly be avoided while on a celiac diet. Foods which are made with white flour or graham flour should also be avoided. The Canadian Celiac Association also encourages celiacs to carefully read the labels as many alternative flours may be blended with wheat and barley starch that could trigger a celiac reaction.

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    Processed Foods

    Processed foods that may contain wheat or barley, or rye, are a no-go option. Always look for hydrolyzed wheat protein and hydrolyzed vegetable protein on the label as these ingredients may contain lot of gluten.

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    Beverages like Beer

    Depending upon the core ingredient present in the drink, most of the beverages come under celiac foods to avoid. Amongst all, beer is the most obvious drink to avoid as it contains wheat, barley and rye.

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    Any Food Product Containing Wheat

    Do not eat any foods like bread, crackers, malted breakfast cereals, pasta, and pizza that contain wheat or wheat products as it will contain high quantity of gluten. Though it's not easy, but you can still manage to stay on a gluten free diet.