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Foods that are toxic for your skin

Not just the skin care products the food you eat can also affect your skin in various ways. Here is the list of food items which you should avoid to keep your skin healthy.

Healthy Diet By Varsha Vats / Feb 26, 2019

Worst foods for skin

Do you follow your skin care routine religiously and still not getting the desired results? Your diet can be the culprit. The food you eat leaves an impact on your skin as well. The wrong food items can affect your skin health majorly. 

Caffeine over-consumption

Caffeinated beverages are very handy these days. caffeine can damage your skin and trigger the ageing process. Over-consumption of caffeine can make wrinkles and fine lines more prominent. You should drink more water to keep your skin healthy and young.

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Spicy food

Too much spice is bad for your skin. It can lead to acne. Spicy foods can dilate blood vessels of your skin because it raises your body temperature. It can also lead to many inflammatory skin conditions. You should keep your spice intake in moderation.

Sugary foods

Sugar is not just bad for your weight and overall health but for your skin as well. Too much consumption of sugar suppresses the immune system and makes it difficult for the body to fight against bacteria. This condition leads to acne and other inflammatory skin conditions. You should avoid excess sugar consumption as well as products loaded with sugar.


Alcohol consumption is bad for your overall body. It can damage your kidneys and other organs as well. You might not be aware that it can damage your skin as well. It can disturb the hormonal balance and fasten up the ageing process which becomes quite evident on one's face and skin.

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Packed juices

It may sound very awkward but juices are bad for your skin. Artificial packed juices are loaded with sugar and contains very fewer nutrients which can damage your skin. If you want to consume juices drink fresh juice without extra added sugar. Fresh juices have less and natural sugar which is not harmful compared to packed juices.

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