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Five ways to get a revenge on your ex

Have you ever been betrayed by someone who first promised to offer the whole world to you, and then left you? Well, if you seek revenge for this betrayal, here are some truly evil ways to get it.

Snr By Suhail Sattar / Dec 22, 2015

Get over with it

Do you cry because of the betrayal and immediately after try to get on with it? You HAVE to get your feelings out. There are chances you will feel angry for some time, but that’s just natural. Typically, when a breakup happens you feel sad, that leads to anger, making you want to get revenge.

Ensure you are surrounded by happiness

If a breakup makes you upset, be positive about yourself and try to be happy, especially when your ex is around. This would serve in your favor because your ex will feel on top of the world to see you sad. Try not to let them get the better of you. If they approach you, respond politely and operate happily. This will make them think that you have moved on, which will indirectly make them feel miserable.

Socialize a lot and surround yourself with friends

Get in touch with your childhood friends and start hanging out more often with them. If you have guy friends, be more pally with them as this would give your ex flame a twig of jealousy. Try being more social with your friends by going to parties or late night movies, call/text them often and live life to the fullest. Pretend like you don’t remember much about your past and have forgotten his face.

Text him a flirty message ‘by mistake’

If you are seeking a little revenge, write a flirtatious message to him and act like you accidently sent it to him, but were actually trying to send it to someone else.

Update your social media status that would tick him off

If he is on your friends list on social media, update your status and mention names that he used to call you in a way that makes no sense to others but lets you take a dig at him.

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