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5 Unusual hair masks for your hair problems

A great hair day has become a myth with such pollution and weather conditions. However, these unusual hair masks can help you get the hair that you desire.

Fashion & Beauty By Onlymyhealth Staff Writer / Jun 16, 2017

Ginger hair mask for hair growth and hair fall


Ginger is best known for its anti-inflammatory properties; it has warm effect and can increase blood flow to scalp, promoting hair growth in the process. Take a fresh ginger, peel it well. Now, grate it and strain the juice out of the grated ginger. Try to have at least one cup of ginger juice for application if you have thick and long hair. Now that you have the ginger juice, add some coconut oil in it. Now, optionally you can add some green tea in it, to promote hair growth. Apply it on your roots and hair and let it sit for half an hour. Wash off with warm water. Doing it twice a week will promote hair growth.

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Kale hair mask for brittle hair


High on Vitamin B, zinc, iron, potassium and copper, kale can reduce hair breakage by strengthening the hair. Take some kale leaves and blend them with some water to get a smooth paste, now add a few drops of lemon juice in it. Apply on your roots and hair and wait for half an hour. Wash off with warm water. Do it twice or thrice a week for stronger hair.

Okra (Bhindi) hair mask for dry hair

Rich in Vitamin K and C, potassium, zinc and folate, okra can condition your hair naturally, along with eliminating dandruff. Take 8 to 9 okras; boil them in water until you get a stocky texture. Now remove from heat and a tbsp of honey for smoother hair. Let it cool. After it cools down, apply it on your scalp and on your hair, leave it for half an hour then wash off with water. This okra hair mask will condition your hair naturally and instantly.

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Potato mask for dull hair

Packed with vitamins and minerals, potatoes can help you add shine to your dull hair. Extract the juice from potato and add some coconut water in it. Now, gently massage your scalp with it for about 5 minutes. Apply it to your hair as well. Tie your hair in a knot and wash after 30 minutes with warm water. 

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