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5 Things about yeast infections that every woman should know

Having white discharge, vaginal itching or burning sensation while peeing? It could be yeast infection. But are you aware of these things about yeast infection? Read on to find out.

Women's Health By Onlymyhealth Staff Writer / Jun 06, 2017

They're not contagious

Most women think that yeast infections are contagious. But that’s not true. These infections are triggered by an imbalance of the natural bacteria present in vagina and can’t not be “caught”. Neither you can acquire them by casual contact or sharing items like towels, toilet seats acts. That said, it’s better to avoid getting involved in unprotected sex with your partner if you’re infected as there is a small chance that he may wind up with an itchy rash.

Preventing them is complicated

Prevention of yeast infection is not that easy but it is not entirely impossible. Some colloquial evidences suggest that using unscented soaps and body washes can help prevent yeast infections. Also, avoiding wearing tight clothes that traps sweat, changing out of wet bathing suits and wearing breathable cotton underwear can also reduce your chances of getting infected.

Yogurt is not going to solve your problem

Most people believe that yogurt can fight off yeast infection but that’s not the case. However, making certain changes in diet like reducing the sugars or carbs, people who have recurrent yeast infections might get some relief. People with diabetes are more likely to get infected if they don’t control their sugar levels.

Your vagina won’t bleed during a yeast infection

It’s a common myth that yeast infection causes vaginal bleeding. While it is actually the irritation that makes you scratch enough that you end up with a bleeding skin. Image source : Getty


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