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These 5 Simple tips will ease your oily T-zone

If you too are suffering the T-zone, do try these tips and tricks.

Fashion & Beauty By Onlymyhealth Staff Writer / Feb 15, 2017

That troublesome T-zone

The summers are just round the corner and so is the trouble of T-zone. Yes, summers are the one of the many factors that causes T-zone in most people and indeed a T-zone can be an annoying thing. The constant formation of oil on your face can not only make your skin look dull and greasy all the time but it can also make you prone to acne and other skin troubles. If you too are suffering from T-zone troubles, follow these tips and tricks.



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Quit washing your face too frequently

Many people do the mistake of washing their faces with water constantly to get rid of excess oil. Washing does help but washing it way too often during a day can cause you to produce more oil, instead wash it twice a day and also, try washing your face with a mild face wash and avoid alcohol based ace wash or soaps.


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Do not use drying formulas

Try and avoid drying formulas that promise to help you get rid of an oily skin. Instead, make use of pore-tightening products that will shrink the pores without drying out the area.


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Use a mask

Make use of quick DIY masks like mixing 1 teaspoon honey, 1 teaspoon of aloe vera gel and 1 tbsp of curd. Apply this on your face twice a week.


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Do not exfoliate much

Exfoliation unclogs the blocked pores but after exfoliation, your T-zone tends to get more sensitive. So, avoid exfoliation too harshly, instead go for mild scrubs.


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Moisturise daily

This is a wrong perception that an oily skin does not need moisture. Instead, you need to keep your skin well-hydrated. Instead of oil based moisturisers, go for water based moisturisers.


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