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5 Reasons why your body hair may be thinning

All of us have heard of hair thinning on head but did you know some people experience decline in the denseness of the hair on the body as well? Yes, body hair thinning exists and it could be due to an underlying issue. Below are few reasons why your

Fashion & Beauty By Onlymyhealth Staff Writer / Feb 06, 2017

You’re always stressed

It’s no news that stress can cause many conditions that lead to hair related problems. Besides, your poor diet or drastic weight loss can also be blamed for causing hair thinning. Hair loss can also occur due to trauma, major surgery or childbirth. However, you can correct this problem by avoiding ongoing stressors. Image source : Shuttertstock

You're getting chemotherapy

Chemotherapy treatment is given to cancer patients to target the rapidly dividing cancerous cells, but it also affects the rapidly dividing cells of your hair follicles. Thus, it not only messes with your hair on your head but also affects your over all body hair including eyebrows, eyelashes, and body hair. Typically, your hair starts to grow back a few weeks after your chemotherapy treatment ends. Image source : Shuttertstock

Your estrogen is low

While on one hand, high estrogen levels during pregnancy give women thick tresses, on the other hand, it makes your body hair appear more visible at the same time. Estrogen levels drop post delivery, which causes much of that new hair growth to fall out all over. As the levels of estrogen levels decline during menopause too, women approaching “the change” do not have to shave as often as they have to do it before. Nevertheless, if you're younger and your estrogen levels are low, you should visit your doctor. He/she would probably put you on a birth control pill to boost your hormone level.Image source : Shuttertstock

Your androgen levels are high

In some women, hair loss might be caused by the presence of androgens, or male hormones. This might be hereditary or due to ovarian cysts, pregnancy, or menopause, among other things. Birth control pills might help, or you might need an androgen-blocking medication. Image source : Shuttertstock

Your diet is out of whack

There is still a good chance that you will experience hair loss even if you get hormones in balance. So, if your diet is out of whack and you are not getting enough iron in your diet, your thyroid won’t be able to function properly, therefore, you are more likely to experience hair loss. Image source : Shuttertstock


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