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5 Reasons why is it better to be a woman

Indeed being a woman is best thing ever. We women have so much to be happy about, we just need to focus on the lighter and positive things.

Mind Body By Onlymyhealth Staff Writer / Jun 13, 2017

Magical parlour session

We can almost disguise into someone else just by spending an hour in parlour. Curl it up, put on some make-up and dress-up into something different from usual. It’s like magic, one moment we are someone else and the next, we are someone else.

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Our sorry works

You are a guy, bump into a drunken guy at a party and get beaten black and blue. You are a girl, bump into anyone you wish, get invited for after-party. Well, we girls can make the best puppy face and get away with almost anything. Almost!

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We can be as colourful as we want to be

The corporate are almost losing colours. Grey pants and white shirts but not a problem for a girl. Nail paints, lip colours and eye shadows, we can be still very colourful. Can a guy be as colourful as us? Nope.

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We can cry and we are not ashamed of it

We can cry watching ‘Veer Zara’ and we cry watching ‘Desi Boyz’. Yes, we girls can cry anytime, for any reason and will not look weird. Not that a guy cannot cry, of course they can but c’mon it always was and is our thing not a guy’s. Crying does not mean you are weak, it means you are brave enough to express your emotions.

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The freedom to wear anything and everything

When they say it should be just formal at work, we can dive in our wardrobes and be our colourful best. We have so much to choose from, pants, skirts, kurta, suit-salwar, sarees and so on.

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Little things in life matter

Going through a bad patch of life, a new lipstick or a chocolate bar will give us a whole new lease on life. Even playing with a small kid will make your day and surprisingly, women gel well with kids.

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