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5 Misconceptions people have about hearing loss

Think you know everything about hearing loss? Think again! Here are some common misconceptions about people with hearing loss.

Mind Body By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Apr 05, 2016

Anyone who has hearing loss problem uses sign language

Do you think everyone with hearing loss uses sign language? Not really actually, hearing loss is a spectrum and not everyone uses same way to communicate. The process of communication may vary from person to person as it depends upon a lot on degree of hearing loss one suffers from, whether a hearing aid is used, the age at which the person lost his/her hearing and auditory training. So, stop believing that every person with hearing loss uses sign language.

Increasing the sound level will allow a person with hearing loss

Increasing volume to a certain level may distort the quality of the sound, which is why people with hearing loss need sound to be transmitted from the microphone directly to their ear using an assistive listening system. However, sitting close to the speaker can assist the listener but this can’t be an alternate for an assistive listening system. Besides, yelling and over-articulating distorts the normal rhythm of verbal communication and makes it difficult to do lip reading.

Hearing aids repair hearing to normal

If you think wearing a hearing aid will restore your hearing, you are wrong. Hearing aids are effective in increasing the volume but they don’t really improve sound clarity or bring it closer to the person who is wearing it.

People with hearing loss have intellectual confines

They may not hear as clear as a normal person but that does not mean they are less intelligent or don’t have same level of intelligence as the general population.

People with hearing loss are rude and pushy

They are often tagged as rude because they may interrupt a conversation as they wouldn’t know if the other person was speaking. Due to their hearing loss problem they may also position themselves in the front so they can hear things better and it makes it easier for them read lips but it  is often perceived as being pushy. Image Source: Getty


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