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5 Mindless office habits that are actually unhealthy for you

It’s not only the long hours at work that drain all your energy, but a number of workplace habits could be responsible for taking a toll on your health. The worst thing is that we don’t even realize that we are doing them in the first place. Read on

Office Health By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Aug 16, 2015

Skipping breakfast

Science remains somewhat debated on skipping breakfast, but most experts believe that one should not give up breakfast entirely. You may be able to easily breeze through the morning with just a cup of tea or juice but research has shown that eating breakfast not only kick starts your metabolism but also increases your energy.

Forgetting to drink water

We all know it is important to drink plenty of water throughout day, but it is very likely that you are not drinking enough water.  So, just fill your water bottle up and start drinking. Sipping on water during the day not only reduces headaches but it also boosts your energy. Moreover, drinking ample water is good for skin and brainpower.

Hunching over on your chair

Blame your poor posture for draining your energy and lowering confidence. Besides, it makes other people think less of you. Do we need to tell you the physical side-effects of having a poor posture? A sore back and weak core are just two of the many side-effects.  Sit up straight, roll your shoulders back and try engaging your abs; it will make you feel more capable instantly.

Leaning your face on your hand

You may feel comfortable leaning your face on the hand but touching your face so often may compromise with the hygiene and skin. Frequently touching your face may spread bacteria causing breakout or other skin conditions.

Crossing your legs

Do you cross your legs while sitting? Well, you may want to re-think before taking that stance again as crossing your legs can give you pain in the neck and back.  It has also been observed to raise blood pressure. Image source: Getty


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