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5 Foods you Should Avoid When You're Sick

We bet food is not the first thing on your mind when you’re sick, or have a stomach bug or flu. But it’s always good to know the foods that you should refrain from eating while sick in order to recover quickly. Here is the list of foods you should av

Exercise & Fitness By Onlymyhealth Staff WriterJun 04, 2018

Say No to Coffee

It's best to avoid coffee when you are not feeling well or have a stomach bug because being a diuretic in nature, its consumption will make you rush to the washroom more often, which will leave you dehydrated. Not getting enough hydration will only make things worse for you, as dehydration makes your system less effective in fighting off virus or other infections. Caffeine is even worse when you are struggling with diarrhoea or vomiting, as both cause you to lose fluid. 

Give Orange Juice a Break

Do you love drinking orange juice, for it contains a good amount of vitamin C and has a lip-smacking taste too? Well, who does not? But, if you can’t resist the craving for orange juice even you are sick, you might want to think again. Yes, if you’re unwell, you’re better off without it because it is loaded with sugar, which can reduce the ability of white blood cells to fight illness. Give orange juice a break if you have cough, sore throat or cold as it can hurt your throat and make the healing process longer. 

Sweets Can Wait

Eating refined sugar can temporarily suppress your white blood cells’ ability to fight off bacteria. For a few hours after snacking on cookies, candy, or sugary cereal, your immune system becomes weaker which makes it less efficient at fighting off the germs that are making you sick. So stay away from all the sugar to help your body heal quicker.

Avoid Milk

If you have stuffiness and congestion, avoid drinking milk or any other dairy product till you get better. Dairy products, especially milk, tend to make you produce more mucus or phlegm. However, there is no evidence that shows that reducing milk consumption will reduce the mucus. Some people find that dairy makes their phlegm thicker and more unpleasant. 

Stay Away from Crunchy Snacks

Avoid eating snacks like potato chips or crispy toast because their abrasive texture will feel like sandpaper on your raw throat. The more you irritate your throat, the longer it will take to get better; So, if you don't want to increase your misery, you better stay away from these crunchy snacks. 

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