5 Condiments that help you lose weight while keeping your taste buds happy

May 18, 2017

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    Sipping on apple cider vinegar helps slow down the rate food empties from your stomach which in return make you feel full longer. But if you don’t like chugging vinegar, you can use any other vinegar.  You can spread a small quantity of it over fresh berries and eat or you can add some in your mocktail drink.

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    Almond butter

    According to a recent study, almonds have 24 percent fewer calories than nutrition lables have led us to believe. Swap butter or cheese cream with almond butter or add a teaspoonful of it into your plain yogurt for that satisfying nutty flavour.

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    If you like your bread with mayo, bidding good bye to it can really be hard. But not as hard as to justify that 94 calories per tablespoon of pure fat you have been taking with every bread you have.  If you want to lose weight, you should rather switch from mayo to hummus as one table spoon of hummus contain only 25 calories. Besides, it will provide you fiber and protein.

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    In case you were wondering, salsa isn’t calorie free but it’s pretty darn close. With less than 10 calories per tablespoon, you can go crazy piling salsa onto your favourite tacos.

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    Can a condiment help in burining more calories? Yes, it does if the condiment happens to be mustard. According to researchers, when you eat mustard, your body burn more calories compared to when you have other foods. You can have mustard with sandwiches or you can just whip it into salad dressing, deviled eggs or potatoes. Image source :