5 calcium rich foods for people allergic to milk

Jun 30, 2017

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    Soy milk

    Soy Milk is a great replacement for milk. It contains fairly similar nutrients in comparison to regular milk, one of which is calcium. A 100-ml serving of soy milk contains around 120 mg calcium which is comparable to same amount of skimmed milk.

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    When compared to other grains, Ragi is the best one out there as a non-dairy calcium source. It is loaded with calcium, in fact it has 30 times as much calcium as in rice, and more than 10 times the fiber. It is also rich in other micronutrients. Ragi features a lot in the South Indian cuisine in the forms of Ragi Malt, Dosa and even Ragi rotis, It is a versatile grain and can be included in the diet in more than one ways.

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    Black eyed peas

    Popularly known as Lobhia, or Raungi or Chawli, this bean is a good source of calcium. It can be made into a soup, boiled and used in salads or in a more traditional Indian way, made into a spicy stew which is eaten with rice. Despite the method of preparation, this is a tasty bean which will help you fulfill your recommended intake of calcium.

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    Figs are delicious, dried or fresh. Add them to your salads, baked items or eat them as is. They are chock full of calcium and other minerals. They also contain a lot of fiber and will aid with your digestion as well.

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    Good old orange juice

    The breakfast staple of many of us is not only a fix for Vitamin C, it also is a good source of calcium. Although it is much lower than other counterparts in our list, but having juice which is fortified in calcium might just help you reach your daily required amount. Image source : Getty