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Financial Habits that can Damage Your Relationship

Money plays a big role in both an individual’s life and in a relationship. Couples who barely talk about their finances make one of the most common mistakes. Here are certain money habits you shouldn’t make in a relationship.

Dating By Ariba Khaliq / Oct 13, 2014

The Same Financial Footing

Money shouldn’t be cared too much about because it can’t buy you love; having said that, when it comes to marriage and money, you could do it all wrong and go miles away from the same financial footing. That isn’t a perfect start to wedded bliss. If you and your partner barely talk about finances, you have no idea about each other’s debts and you don’t know how much money you make jointly, well probably it’s time you should start “talking business.” Here are some common financial habits that may ruin the relationship for many couples.

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Can’t Stop Shopping

You two are trying to save for your retirement and to buy a house, but one of your weaknesses is the latest sales. If both the partners aren’t working towards securing a financial future, all the efforts coming from one person will come to nothing.

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Can’t Keep a Job

Holding things down for your family is one thing, but constantly quitting a job can cause problems. If you are not contributing to the income to operate your household, and are always getting sacked and/or quitting work, it’s time you should provide the necessary help to the family's finances. This means you might have to hand on a job that you may not like until something else comes along.

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Betting half of your paycheck in order to get the things you both want can actually put you in a lot of debt. Whether it is the rush of playing games or the intention to double your money, gambling is never good. If you or your partner has a serious problem of gambling which seems to be out of control, you should try getting psychiatric help.

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Use Your Partner’s Credit Card

Sure your partner’s credit card limit is all high and there is no problem in buying a thing or two with it with their consent, there is no reason to mess up your partner’s chances of getting a high financial score. If you are independent and earning a stable supply of dough, you should try to use your own credit card instead of putting undue pressure on your partner's.

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Lie about Your Debts

Honesty is the best policy, especially in relationships. Money matters should never be hidden in a relationship. Talk to your partner if you have any debts; don’t be scared even if you are swimming in a sea of financial obligations. Your partner is the best person to talk about it and take help from.

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Don’t Prioritize Finances

Checking your account balance doesn’t need an accountant’s expertise; you can easily do it yourself. It is just a matter of making it a priority. People who don’t make their finances a priority are more likely to fall behind on payments, not save, and see things in collections.

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Hide Money

Saving some of your income is great but not telling your partner about what’s what isn’t cool. A lot of couples unite their finances after the marriage and it is important for both to know each other’s debts and savings. It can be a perk for you to save money in case your partner is a spender but then you will leave them with a feeling of being lied to in case they find out.

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Constantly Borrow Money from Others

Money is power and you are a slave to everyone you owe. The more money you borrow, the more space in your personal lines you give to your lenders. This should be understood by you and your partner. If you truly need some extra money, then by all means work a side hustle.

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