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Feelings that may be Keeping you Stuck in Life

An unenthusiastic approach towards life takes you far from reality. The negativity in your life starts taking control of you and gradually you tend to give up. It is this negativity that gives birth to feelings that hold you back from doing things wh

Mental Health By Vasudha Bhat / Sep 10, 2014

Don't be Hard on Yourself

Sometimes the fears which we live with hold us back in life. Our ruthless behaviour towards ourselves and our false beliefs make us feel stuck and you seem to be living a passionless life. This unloving attitude towards yourself could also make you believe at a certain point of time that you have seized to live and all you do is just exist. Here are several ways in which you may be keeping yourself stuck. Learn them and devise a strategy to overcome them.

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You Seek a Lot of External Help

If you are the kind of person who believes in taking personal growth workshops and attending seminars to look for solutions for your troubles then what you need to know is that without actions such solutions do not work. Like of you have been visiting a dietician regularly but, you do nothing to introduce changes in your diet, nothing is going to change.

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You have Negative Talks with yourself

What you think to yourself has a significant effect on your outlook towards life. If you keep telling yourself that nothing is going to change for you or there is something wrong with you, eventually one day you will be convinced with these thoughts and they will soon replace the reality of your life.

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You Restrict yourself from Doing what you Really want to do

We have been habituated to lead a controlled life and let’s accept the truth that our lifestyle has turned us into control freaks. While you are in the race of chasing your dream, you start liking to take control over everything and this refrains you from doing things which make you go out of control and give you happiness.

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You Fear that you have to Make Changes in yourself

When we let negativity seep into our lives, we are so convinced with the fact that we need to make some changes in our personality. We start pointing out mistakes in ourselves and make constant efforts to change them.

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You Indulge in Blame Games

When you indulge yourself too much into blame games you tend to end up blaming people who have walked lengths for you to make you achieve what you have in life. You may have come across people who have been hurtful to you but, while you heal up you should not turn unloving towards near ones.

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You Don’t have Faith in yourself

Many of us believe in staying in our ego minds when in a difficult situation instead of seeking help from various sources. This keeps us stuck in life and we tend to make mistakes which can cause permanent damages.

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You Live in a Fear of Rejection

When you have been overpowered by negative emotions you eventually lose confidence in yourself and start developing a fear of rejection. You let others’ opinion about you take place of your inner guidance.

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