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Cease your Love for these Foods to Reduce Belly Fat

Burgers, pizzas, and chips have been your best pals both in times of adversities and in times of joy. However, as this bond of friendship with food grew fonder, your waist size also grew dramatically. It is time to take some action!

Weight Management By Vasudha Bhat / Aug 12, 2014

Health Conscious? A Little Less

The no-time-for-myself lifestyle may have made men more conscious towards their eating habits but, when their favourite food makes an entry into the room they just cannot take their eyes off it. Unfortunately, foods that you find completely irresistible keep adding on to layers of fat around your belly. So, here is a list of such foods that can add to your embarrassing protruding belly and make your social life miserable.

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Do you find those sweet and round doughnuts gazing at you after a meal? But, before your sweet tooth makes it irresistible for you to avoid the doughnut be careful about the harm it would cause. One glazed doughnut contains 260 calories. However, when eaten in moderate amounts it wouldn’t wreck havoc but, when your urge becomes unstoppable and you end up eating a whole box, danger's calling.

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Ice Cream

Ice creams in any weather can be your best companion. With its little protein and calcium content, ice creams can sometimes be a good option. But, beware because a half cup serving of vanilla ice cream contains 230 calories.

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Chips are an anytime snack most men would not like to let go of. But, did you know that a serving of 15 chips contains 160 calories which adds a good amount of unwanted fat around your belly?

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The cocktail is almost every man’s favourite because it is made up of their most preferred alcoholic drinks, scotch or vodka combined with bacon fat and at times served with a strip of caramelized bacon. Despite its pleasing content, it should be avoided if you wish to avoid that flabby belly. The drink contains 284 calories which makes it worse than a doughnut.

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A weekend fun at a friend’s place comprises eating and drinking till the sun comes up. However, this weekend fun can cost a lot. A 12-ounce beer can contains around 150 calories.

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Hot Dogs

While cheering for their favourite cricket team, many men like to snack on a hot dog loaded with mayonnaise because it just adds to the zing. But, this fun comes with a price tag that can cost you your health. One cheese hot dog contains 390 calories and 8 grams of saturated fat.

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Red Meat

Meat lovers may just choose to turn a blind eye towards this but that does not alter the reality. A 16-ounce prime rib contains more than 1,000 calories and 37 grams of saturated fat. The choice is completely yours.

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Pepperoni Pizza

A get-together looks incomplete without a pizza. Whether it is a poker night or a bachelor party, all you need is to be accompanied by a pizza with all time favourite toppings like pepperoni, sausage, ham, and beef. But, before you start hogging, remember that each slice of this pizza contains 300 calories.

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Giant Burgers

Burgers have been your best buddy during good or bad times. When you were running out of time, they came to your rescue. When you wanted to treat your friends, burgers stood by your side but, when it comes to health, burgers have been your greatest enemy.

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