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Exercises to Strengthen the Heart

Keeping the heart happy is a difficult task, given the fact that we are so prone to a sedentary lifestyle. But we can do a bit of exercise everyday to keep the heart healthy and fine.

Heart Health By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Jun 07, 2018

Keeping the Heart Happy

For most people exercising is both life's ryhme and life's reason for staying healthy and fit. A sedantary lifestyle can often make one prone to heart disease and not to mention the inevitable fat layering upon the skin. Exercises strengthen your heart and improve the blood circulation in your body for better usage of oxygen. Also, your energy level and your endurance increases, and you have lower blood pressure. Finally your also have a good and fit physique with bulging muscles and strong abs once the fat deposits cease to exist.
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Brisk Walking

Yes, you read it right! Just walking can give you super benefits, and you can choose your method, whether using the treadmill or the neighbourhood road! Brisk walking is a very natural way to improve your fitness, and wear comfortable shoes and enjoy some music when walking! Start this exercise by walking leisurely at first and then increase your space, intensify your walk.
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Take your brisk walking to the next level and start running, but of course your cannot do this right from day 1 so we say that you take your time. Begin by jogging and then take it to the next level, run and then sprint. This will prove to be more challenging that walking, and will give you the better results at the same time. Running is also the best way to burn calories and you lose weight while keeping your heart healthy at the same time. Increase the distance with time and also the minutes, this would prove to be very good for your heart.
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Swimming is considered to be one of the greatest cardiovascular exercises and it a  full body workout! Swimming laps not only would raise your heart rate and improve the health of your heart, but because of the water you will increase your muscular strength and tone due to the water's multi-directional resistance. Swimming is also a pretty safe bet for those having joint problems compared to walking and running as these two could aggravate your problems.
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Here is another cardiovascualr exercise which is fun and great at the same time! Cycling is easy on your joints and it is a low impact exercise that can be done in the gym or even outdoors. You could make the bike your official vehicle for all purpose! Cycling to work, go for some cycling outdoors, we say cycle to your date! Even better, you could join a cycling club and pump your heart by cycling! You will also strengthen your heart and tone your lower body well.
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Circuit Training

Here is a solid exercise for cardiovascular exercise that will be a little of a challenge. For every three minutes of cardio you should do 1 strength training exercise or some high intensity cardio burst. You could also perform five to ten strength training exercises and perform 1 set of each, by doing lower weight and more repetitions. It will improve your muscle strength and improve your heart health.
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Stretching Exercises

Here is something simple and yet very effective, the muscles in your body are not used to any excess work and are sitting idle, they tend to remain in that posture and get dull. Blood flow can be effected in this case. This is why you should stretch regularly, also, stretch your arms and legs before you exercise as this allows your muscles to prepare the muscles for activity which would help you to prevent muslce strain.
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Exercise Time

You should atleast exericse for 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise, and a minimum of 5 days a week. You can slowly increase the time of your workouts and make it more intense, and always start small, start slow and then go big with time. Also, a tip is that for making it more fun you should change exercises and see what suits you the best!
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