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Excellent Foods to Prevent Cavities

Good eating habits can help keep your teeth avoiding cavities and tooth decay.

Dental Health By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Apr 16, 2014


Cavities begin to occur when the enamel, the outer layer of the teeth, gets damaged due to formation of plaque or lack of proper dental hygiene. The plaque tends to grow on the enamel and produce acids that are triggered by the sugary foods and drinks leading to small hole in the teeth. But there are some excellent foods that can help you prevent cavities. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Dairy products like cheese have been found to promote good oral health by preventing the development of cavities. According to a study published in the journal General Dentistry, cheese has anti cavity properties due to its rising pH levels which increases the calcium content and triggers the formation of saliva thereby hardening the enamel. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Eating an apple a day can be very beneficial in preventing the formation of cavities. The high sugar levels of fresh fruits can stimulate the saliva flow. The increased saliva help in reducing the cavities as it lowers the levels of bacteria in the mouth. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Sugar Free Gum

Although chewing regular gum causes cavities, however chewing on sugar free gum with xylitol can prevent plaque from building up. Xylitol is an additive that acts a natural sweetener that fight against the bacteria that causes cavities thus it helps in reducing the tooth decay. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

Red Wine

Red wine has ability to fight the bacteria that led to tooth decay and cavities however it can leave stains on your teeth. A recent study has found that some elements present in red wine offer the cavity fighting property. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Sugary foods and drinks tend to reduce the pH levels which can be brought up by consuming milk levels. Replace unhealthy sugary drinks with a glass of milk for health teeth and overall good health. Image Courtesy : Getty Images


It has been scientifically found that some of the chemicals present in raisins, including polyphenols and flavonoids, can help avoid cavities. Grab raisins for snacks if you want to fight the cavity-causing bacteria in the mouth. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

Fiber Foods

Consuming high fiber foods keeps the saliva flowing that help in creating a mineral defense against tooth decay. Good sources of fiber include dried fruits such as dates, raisins and figs, fresh fruits such as bananas, apples and oranges, veggies like beans, brussels sprouts and peas. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Foods with Fluoride

Fluoridated drinking water or any product that is made with fluoridated water is known to be good for teeth. Such drinks include powered juices and dehydrated soups. Commercially prepared foods such as poultry products and seafood can also provide fluoride. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

Sugar-free Foods

Sugar is one the most harmful food constituents that can trigger cavities in your teeth. One of the best ways to avoid cavities is to switch to sugar substitutes. These substitutes taste like sugar however they don't act like a food to the bacteria in the mouth that can produce the decay-causing acids. Image Courtesy : Getty Images


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