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7 Everyday Symptoms that you should Never Ignore

It may seem impossible but something as harmless as wanting to take a leak can mean you are suffering from serious medical conditions. Take a look at these everyday symptoms that you must not ignore.

Mind Body By Bhadra Kamalasanan / Mar 10, 2015

A Mere Headache can Imply Cancer

We have all brushed off a headache or an aching shoulder with a pain killer because we either didn’t feel the need to see a doctor or were too busy to pay attention. While most of the times the discomfort did go away, at rarer times, it lingered to haunting levels of agony. The ground rule is to never overlook even minor discomfort if it has been recurring.  Here are 9 such symptoms that you must never mistake for a minor imbalance.

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Abnormal Vaginal Discharge or Bleeding

Women who have been through menopause should not experience vaginal bleeding thereafter. It is clearly abnormal when a post menopausal woman experiences vaginal bleeding. It is likely that the cause may be as harmless as hormonal imbalance, but it may also be endometrial cancer or uterine cancer.

The same goes for discharge that does not have any reason for its development in women of any age. While the cause may be a treatable infection, significant amount of foul-smelling discharge could be linked to cervical cancer or cancer of the fallopian tube. The bottom line is get in touch with your gynecologist soon after you start spotting the symptoms. Also, make sure you are very clear when you explain the symptoms.

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Bloated Belly

It is common to feel your belly bloating after you have had a greasy takeout. If this is an everyday occurrence, it is nothing less than abnormal. Ovarian cancer could be to blame, though only about 1 in 70 women develop it. One of the most common signs of bloating in the belly is either the presence of a large mass inside the ovary or the build-up of fluid inside the abdomen. It is very likely for you to feel no pain at all and therefore, if you have a bloated belly every day, get yourself examined.

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Fatigue that does Not Go Away

If you feel tired and remain so for days without a bit of energy and regardless of how much you sleep or the many cupfuls of coffee that you drink, you may be in trouble. Fatigue can be linked to a series of conditions such as uterine cancer, gastrointestinal cancer caused by anemia, depression, hypothyroidism or other mood disorders. If you are getting the recommended hours of sleep every night and still feel energy drained throughout the day, it is time to see a doctor.

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Pelvic Pain

Even if it is just a slight pain in the pelvic area, it needs to be talked about with the doctor. Whether the pain is sharp and sudden or lengthy but dull, it should be examined by a professional right away. Some of the causes of aches down there in the pelvic region could be masses, endometriosis or diverticulitis.

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Swollen Leg

It is normal for the feet to balloon up slightly from their normal size in cold weather conditions but if one of your legs is swollen and the other is not, you should see a doctor. A swollen leg may indicate blood clot and without adequate treatment, the clot may move to the lungs and sometimes, even be fatal.

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Unintended Weight Loss

If you work out, you can congratulate yourself for losing a few kilos. But, if you lose so much weight without doing any effort, it could be a cause for concern. Colon cancer, for instance, is associated with unexplained weight loss. The good news is that colon cancer can be easily prevented with the help of regular colonoscopies. Everyone over 50 should go through colonoscopy every 10 years unless otherwise recommended by the doctor. Those under 50 years experiencing these symptoms could easily blame hormonal abnormalities like diabetes or hyperthyroidism for the sudden weight loss.

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Urinating Excessively

If you are awoken in the middle of the night more than once, something is really wrong. One of the reasons could be the presence of a mass that is pressing on your bladder, making it necessary to urinate when the bladder fills up. But, there is nothing to freak out because not all the masses are cancerous. A lot of benign tumours such as uttering fibroids work to compress the bladder, pushing one to take frequent bathroom breaks. You could also blame diabetes for an increasing need to go to the loo.

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