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Everyday Problems of Women with Wavy Hair

We all love curls and waves but girls who have naturally wavy hair know it well that curls come at a cost. Wavy hair may have their own everyday problems.

Fashion & Beauty By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Jan 08, 2015

You are Born this Way

Girls who have straight hair may envy you for those waves on your scalp. But, you certainly don’t find any pleasure endorsing them. Nobody understands what problems you have to face every day in managing your hair. You have spent half of your life looking for a how-to guide that can help you style your wavy hair. And above all, people keep telling you to pipe down but your hair seem to be very stubborn. Here is a list of problems only women with wavy hair will understand and relate to. Image Courtesy: Giphy.com

Your Tresses are Neither Straight Nor Curly

Having a mix of both straight and curly hair makes your hair look messy. When you see yourself in the mirror, you see combination of chicken wings and strawberry yoghurt. You never seem to enjoy open hair so you like to glue your hair in a bun. Image Courtesy: Tumblr

People often Ask you if you Get Curls Professionally Done

You hate it when people think you got your curls done in the parlour.  And you proudly tell them, "No, it’s natural". It is the only time when you feel special amongst all your friends. Image Courtesy: Giphy.com

"Bad Hair Day" is a Common Phrase for you

While others have to face bad hair days once in awhile,  it’s a common thing for you.  Most days you carry the "just -woke-up" look.Image Courtesy: Giphy.com

You Never Find a Hair Product that is Exclusively Made for your Hair

Your hunt for finding the right product is a never-ending task. You seem to know all about the different shampoos and conditioners of different brands, though everything seems like misfit in your bathroom cabinet. You pick up every shampoo bottle that comes your way and read its label, and still fail to know which one would be best for your hair type. Image Courtesy: Tumblr

Limited hair Styles

Every girl knows the importance of a nice hairstyle but if you have naturally curly hair, your options are quite limited. You would want to get the latest hairstyle that you like but once you reach the salon you are likely to be informed that that hair style may not suit your hair. Even if people at the salon somehow manage to style your hair the way you want, it may not look as fine as it looks on girls with other types of hair. Moreover, you would need more than normal hair straightening and other sessions to allow that perfect hair style to fit in your hair.Image Courtesy: Tumblr

Unmanageable and Unruly

Curls are bound to break off the hair style. It is a common problem for girls with curly hair to frequently get the hanging bunches of curls back into place. Curly hair needs more efforts and measures to keep itself in their place. If you have curly hair, you should always be ready be distracted from strands hanging around your temple and over your eyes. Image Courtesy: Tumblr

Curls Never Grow "That Long"

Most girls like to own long hair and that becomes a point of dissatisfaction for those girls who have have naturally curly hair. Curly hair always look shorter than their actual length. If you have curly hair you know what it means. That's why it is quite common to notice girls with wavy curls to keep their hair short. Even if they grow their hair long, they still appear shorter than they actually are. With that being said, wavy hair have a unique look and may suit your personality. Since you have naturally wavy hair, despite all the problems, be proud of your look. After all nothing can beat a nicely done look with curly hair. Image Courtesy: Tumblr


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