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Essentials for Foot Care and Psoriatic Arthritis

Your feet need as much care as any other part of your body. Ignoring your feet for long may lead to health problems. Follow these essential tips for effective foot care, especially if you have psoriatic foot.

Arthritis By Meenakshi ChaudharyDec 18, 2014

Foot Care

If someone was to ask you to tell one body part that you cared about the most and one part that have ignored the most, it is quite likely that you would consider your feet for the ignored-most category. While we spend fortunes and hours looking after our faces, we often ignore our feet. Ironically, it is our feet that do most of the hard work from walking all day long at work to climbing stairs. It becomes even more important to look after your feet when you are concerned about psoriatic arthritis. Here are some foot care essentials that can help you keep your feet healthy. Image courtesy: Getty

What is Psoriatic Arthritis?

Psoriasis is a skin disorder caused by the natural immune system attacking the skin resulting in red and white patches on the skin surface. Psoriasis also poses increased risk of developing psoriatic arthritis where the natural immune system starts attacking the joints as well. Psoriatic arthritis is a chronic form of arthritis that may cause inflammation at the joints, accompanied by pain and discomfort. The common symptoms vary from person to person and they may improve on their own or reappear after sometime. Both psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis may affect your feet to a great extent and both require dedicated foot care. Here are some tips for effective foot care. Image courtesy: Getty

Don’t Ignore the Symptoms

It has been observed that people usually ignore foot and ankle symptoms of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, often confusing them with signs of injuries. Since in most cases psoriasis symptoms appears much before psoriatic arthritis symptoms, it can be very easy to diagnose the problems at early stages and get them treated. As soon as you notice any symptom or feel pain in your foot, contact your health care provider and ask for diagnosis of the reasons. Early diagnosis can prevent complications. For an effective foot care plan, make it a thumb rule to never ignore any symptom that appears on your feet. Image courtesy: Getty


Be Gentle

No matter how rough and busy your lifestyle or work conditions are, you can always be gentle on your feet and keep them as well protected as you keep your face. Avoid activites that may put too much pressure on your feet. If you feel feet ache after an activity, you should avoid doing the activity the next time or at least do it in such a manner that it reduces the pressure on your feet. If you are a fitness freak, avoid heavy weight exercises that may cause your feet to feel hurt. If you want your feet to stay healthy, be nice to them. Image courtesy: Getty

Wear the Right Fit

Are you more concerned about the looks of your shoes than their fit? Choosing your shoes based on their looks and brand value may help you get the extra attention in your next public appearance, however, a wrong fit can do a lot of harm to your feet. After all we usually wear our shoes all day long to work and other places. Always wear the right fit so that your feet get ample room to feel comfortable. You may otherwise end up with foot aches and skin problems around your feet. Wearing the right fit can help you avoid several foot related problems. Image courtesy: Getty

Add More Comfort

While wearing the perfect fit shoes may be a great relief for your feet, there is still a need of improvement. You should also always wear comfortable socks that can allow your feet to feel more comfortable as long as they stay inside the shoes. Wearing comfortable short socks will help your feet avoid the pain and discomfort that Psoriatic arthritis may cause. Also make sure to avoid wearing wet or sweaty socks as it may promote bacterial growth inside your shoes, increasing the risk of foot infections. Preferably wear comfortable socks made from cotton or materials that are soft on your skin. Image courtesy: Getty

Avoid Boots

No matter if you have to wear boots for your job or just like wearing them for style, the poor ventilation inside boots can provide the perfect environment for fungus and bacteria to grow without check and infect your feet. Even if you have to wear boots, choose a pair that allows proper ventilation to your feet. Always wear fresh pair of socks inside your boots to minimize the damage. You should also take your boots off whenever you can. Although, it is better to completely avoid boots unless you need to wear them for a reason, consider ventilation and comfort when you buy your next pair of boots. Image courtesy: Getty

Stretch your Legs

Most doctors recommend stretching exercises for people suffering from psoriatic arthritis. Take breaks from your busy routing to stretch your legs a little as well as provide your feet must needed rest. Lie on your back on a flat surface with your feet extended. Now slowly move your feet up and down and around in circles for some time. It will allow quick relief to your feet. Repeat the same steps for at least 10 times in a go. Follow these quick and essential tips for foot care as they will help you keep several feet problems at bay. Image courtesy: Getty

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