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Enticing Ways to Use Chocolate in Bed

To use chocolate for spicing up things in bed, you do not have to be an expert. Just follow our innovative ways to use chocolate and season your relationship with new flavours.

Snr By Ariba Khaliq / Jul 24, 2014

“Don’t Send Me Roses unless They are Chocolate!”

Chocolate and love are inseparable when it comes to sweetening and strengthening relationships. Historically considered an aphrodisiac, chocolates can be used to incite passion and attraction. To use chocolate to spice up your relationship, you don’t have to be an expert. You just have to figure out what turns on your partner and slip a little of this sweet confection into that activity. Take a look at these ways to use chocolate and make your love life exciting. Image Courtesy: Getty


Start and End Your Day with Chocolates

There can’t be anything more amazing for your lover than a sweet surprise that starts and ends their day. Kick-start the day on a positive note by hugging your sweetheart and presenting her with a box of her favourite chocolates. Let her know that her sweetness is greater than the sweetness of any chocolate in the world by writing a note on the chocolate box.  Image Courtesy: Getty


Play Chocolate Treasure Hunt

Grabbing the sweetness shouldn’t come that easily for your lover and to make things more exciting, you might play a chocolate treasure hunt with them. Place the chocolates smartly in different areas of the house by leaving clues for the next one with the previous one finally taking them to the large box of chocolates. Your partner would be curious to find this sweet token of your love. This will double the fun and excitement. Image Courtesy: Getty


Plant Kisses Everywhere

We mean chocolates in the shape of kisses. Buy a jar of such chocolates and make sure your lover doesn’t see it. Play a romantic music track, hold the chocolate kisses to your mouth and tempt your partner to take them from you. Gently put her arms behind her and wrap them with your arms around her waist. Let her eat the chocolate without using her hands. Continue this by placing the next chocolate on your shoulder, and then your chest and let the heat build up! Image Courtesy: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/


Paint Chocolate on Your Body

Chocolate body paint is a hot selling gift on Valentine’s Day and why not, it can stir your passion up by several measures. Get a jar of edible chocolate body paint. Before you both are about to sleep, go to the washroom, paint your body with the chocolate body paint and come out as a surprise for your beloved. The adrenaline rush would be too much for them to control and you know what will follow. Image Courtesy: Getty


Take a Chocolate Bath Together

Take your lover out to their favourite spa or salon for a romantically indulging chocolate bath and spa. To amp the effect you can book a couple bath wherein you can accompany your partner and spend some quality time in each other's arms while pampering yourselves.  Image Courtesy: Getty


Play Music Featuring Chocolates

Search “chocolate” on a music program like iTunes and you will get numerous tracks based on chocolate. Pick the ones you like and put together a music compilation that you can play in the background next time you guys are chocolate romancing. Image Courtesy: Getty


Love is- Sharing Chocolate Together

Ditch the usual fare and have chocolate on the menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For example, dine on chocolate croissants for breakfast. For dinner, it’s possible to infuse main course, appetizers, drinks and dessert with chocolate and to find the right recipe will not pose as a huge challenge. We hope your partner wouldn’t mind having nothing but chocolate dessert for lunch every once in a while. Image Courtesy: Getty


Gift Exotic Chocolates

A souvenir of chocolates at the end of a special date does more than it could if put in words. Recapture an indulgent evening for a little longer by presenting your lover with a box of delectable chocolates. They could also be naughty anatomy chocolates. And to seal the giving, how about a  French kiss involving passing an exquisite chocolate between the two of you.  Image Courtesy: Getty


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