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Embarrassing beauty questions we all want answers for

We all have dilemma and lot of questions about our less-than-perfect bodies. These question, if left unanswered, make us feel self-conscious and worry us like anything. Discover answers to all those beauty questions that come to your mind.

Fashion & Beauty By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Apr 05, 2013

Why do I have a bad breath?

Gum disease, heartburn, dry mouth or even a sinus infection could be blamed. The most common reason for bad breath, however, is the food you eat. Try to avoid foods that include onions and garlic. Check with your dentist if the bad breath persists.

Why do I sweat so much?

One possible cause of sweating too much is hyperhidrosis. It’s harmless, but annoying and can cause pools of sweat under the arms, the palms and soles of your feet. Contact your doctor if you sweat even while sitting in a cool room. Prescription antiperspirants, pills or even Botox are few treatment options that can help you sweat less.

Why do I have unibrow?

Some girls experience an over growth of hair between the eyebrows, though  this is a harmless trait that runs in the family. Plucking or threading can clean up your look for a few weeks. Laser hair removal and electrolysis are long-term solutions.

How did I get stretch marks?

Stretch marks are most common on the belly, thighs, hips, breasts or lower back.  When the skin gets stretched by weight gain, pregnancy or the normal course of development of the body, fine lines of stretch marks can develop. Chemical peels or laser surgery can reduce these stretch marks, though lotions and creams usually don’t do much.

Why do my feet stink?

Feet odor is caused by bacteria. When sweat mixes with the bacteria, it causes the feet to stink. To prevent your feet from stinking, keep them dry and don’t wear shoes that make them sweat. Wash your socks after every use. If you still have stinky feet, you can use a deodorizer.

Am I going bald?

Few of the common causes of hair fall are related to hormone or thyroid problems, pregnancy or certain medicines. This is why women make up 40% of people with hair loss. A doctor may prescribe medicinal foam to rub into the scalp or pills to address hormonal problems if that is what is causing your hair to fall.

Why are my teeth black?

If you brush your teeth regularly the way you are supposed to and still notice that your teeth are turning dark, the reason could be your addiction to coffee, tea, dark sodas or red wine.  Smoking and taking some medicines can discolor teeth. Teeth whitening systems can help one keep the enamel as white as paper.

Are there pimples on my bottom?

The small white or red bumps on your rear are most likely keratosis pilaris. This is a harmless skin condition that can also show up on the back, cheeks, upper arms and thighs. Moisturizer may also be used to fade them.

Why is my face so oily?

If you are losing hair and have stopped menstruating, a hormonal imbalance could be the culprit. If not, your skin is perhaps oversensitive to the male hormones, which is triggering the production of excess oil. Harsh cleansing routines like the use of alcohol-based toners and gritty scrubs on the skin can dry and irritate your skin and thereby, make it produce extra oil to compensate. The best solution is to regulate oil without drying your skin to the extremes.


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What's causing fungus to breed in my toenails?

Toenail fungus is athlete's foot often picked up from shared showers or borrowed shoes that have spread to your toenails. The most effective treatment is a prescription antifungal pill like Sporanox, but this treatment is only 70 to 80 % effective at best and takes nearly a year and a half for the toenail to fully grow out. Prevent its recurrence by wearing shower slippers every time you rinse off at the gym and by not borrowing shoes.


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