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Effective ways to avoid summer weight gain

And April is here, the most feared of them all. You cannot even step out because if you do, you have got no one else to blame for the tanning. Yes, summers are here and so is the dire need to stay cool. Ice creams, iced tea, light cotton clothes, bea

Weight Management By Namrata Dutta / Apr 25, 2016

Cut down on your iced drink treats

Yes, it’s too hot and a glass of cold iced tea is the only thing that can cool you down but you must know that these sweetened iced drinks such as iced tea and chilled glass of lemonade is one of the prime factors for summer weight gain. A glass of sweetened iced tea contains enough calories to add onto to your summer weight. If you think you cannot just quit the drinks then instead of adding sugar, you can add honey. Honey is low on calories as compared to sugar.

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Let salad be salad

Well, summers are the optimum excuse to add whipped cream, ice cream, syrups to your canned fruit salad, and turning it into a high calories dessert while it should have been a healthy fruit salad. Thus, your weight gain is justified. You should avoid embellishing your salad and have it in its healthiest form. Instead of having canned fruits, you should have fresh fruits and should not add anything. Just a bowl full of fresh fruits is what you need.

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Quit being junk food junkie

Yes, there are times when you crave for a double cheese burger or pizza but you can certainly do without them. You should always go for low calorie, low carbohydrates and less oily things, like fresh fruits and veggies. If you are not a vegetarian, you can always have healthy chicken and mutton recipes.

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Say no to alcoholic beverages

Even alcoholic drinks such as beer and vodka are a reason of summer weight gain. The usual weekends in urban cities are about boozed up and beating the heat with a pint of beer but in the process they gain at least some pounds. Next time you feel the mercury rising, go for smoothies water rich fruit smoothies.

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Frozen yogurt is no good either

People tend to have frozen yogurt, thinking that it’s healthy and can cool them down a bit in summers but you must be aware that frozen yogurts are laden with sugars and artificial flavors. Try some homemade yogurts this summer, where you can replace artificial flavors with natural ones.

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