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Effective natural remedies to ease breast pain during menstrual cycle

Learn how you can get quick relief from breast tenderness or breast pain during period with the help of these effective natural remedies.

Home Remedies By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Sep 29, 2016

Breast pain during menstrual cycle

Many women experience breast tenderness or pain during menstrual cycle however the duration may vary. Some may experience it just few days before their date while some may get it while they are menstruating. You will have plenty advices on your plate from friends and aunts on how to deal with the pain. But these advices might not work for all so if you are still looking for ways to reduce breast pain during menstrual, try below given home remedies that are so effective in reducing the pain that you won’t ever use anything else.

Castor oil and heat pack

Castor oil to reduce breast pain during menstrual cycle

Castor oil is known to contain anti-inflammatory ingredient that can ease breast pain. All you have to do is dilute castor oil with olive oil and then apply the mixture on the affected area and gently massage over the breasts to get the relief.


Heat pack to reduce breast pain during menstrual cycle

Take a clean soft cloth and soak it in hot water. Now squeeze it and apply over the breast. Keep it as long as the cloth is warm. Keep doing it for 10 minutes. The heat will help dilate the blood vessels thereby stimulating the blood circulation which in return will reduce the pain.

Ice pack and fennel

Ice pack to reduce breast pain during menstrual cycle

You will need to wrap few ice cubes in a cloth and then apply this over the affected area to reduce the pain caused due to the constricting of the blood vessels.


Fennel to reduce breast pain during menstrual cycle

Known for its anti-inflammatory properties; fennel also helps reduce the pain. You can take it in the form of tea. All you have to do is add a few fennel seeds in water, boil it, strain and then drink it.

Cabbage and peepal leaves

Cabbage leaves to reduce pain during mesntrual cycle

Extract some fresh cabbage leaves and then place it on the breasts and wrap with a cloth. Keep it for about half an hour; this will help you ease the pain.


Peepal leaves to reduce pain during menstrual cycle

You will need few drops of olive oil along with the peepal leaves. Add a few drops of the oil on peepal leaves and heat them on a pan. Now place this leaf on the breast till it cools down. Repeat the process for about 4-5 times for best results. Wondering how it works? Well, this will help dismantle the accumulation of fluid on the breast and thereby reduces the pain.

Banana and coconut water

Banana to reduce pain during menstrual cycle

Wondering what has banana got to do with reducing breast pain? As you may know that banana is loaded with potassium which helps reduce fluid accumulation in the body thereby helps ease the pain.

Coconut water to reduce pain during menstrual cycle

Another one of the most effective home remedies that helps reduce the breast pain is coconut water. It is a rich source of potassium, which helps reduce the fluid accumulation in the body and thus reduces the pain that is caused in the breasts.


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