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Effective Home Remedies for Bruises

If you can’t afford to show off the hideous bruise mark, you must apply the following home remedies to get rid of it.

Home Remedies By Ariba Khaliq / Feb 22, 2014

Who Beat You Black and Blue?

Was it your girlfriend’s father, or the neighbour you had a quarrel with over parking space? Or just an injury when you stumbled upon the rock lying in the path and you didn’t see it because you were busy texting? A contusion or bruise is caused because of an injury, which crushes the small blood vessels, leaking blood into the adjacent tissues, beneath the surface of the skin. A bruise normally heals within 12 days or so, but if you can’t afford to show off the hideous mark, you must apply the following home remedies to get rid of it. Image Courtesy- Getty Image

Ice Ice Baby

Apply ice as soon as possible. If you cool the blood vessels around the bruised area, less blood will leak out into the surrounding tissue. Many flexible ice packs are available, specifically designed for injuries, and most rough-and-tumble athletes have the foresight to keep a couple of them in the freezer. Image Courtesy- Getty Image

Turn Up the Heat

After cooling the bruise for 24 hours, start applying heat to bring more circulation to the area and help clear away the pooled blood. Use an electric heating pad for 20 minutes several times a day. Be sure to follow the instructions on the heating pad: To avoid burns, it should go on top of—not under—the bruised limb. Image Courtesy- Getty Image

Bandage Queen

If you’ve bruised your arm or leg, immediately wrap an elastic bandage around the bruised part. By squeezing the tissues underneath, the bandage helps prevent blood vessels from leaking. The bruise won’t be quite as severe. Image Courtesy- Getty Image

Settling Levels

Reduce blood flow to the bruise to minimize discoloration. If you bruise your leg, for instance, and you can take a time-out, settle into a couch or lounge chair with your leg up on a pillow, above heart level. Image Courtesy- Getty Image


Take a handful of fresh parsley leaves, crush them, and spread them over the bruise. Wrap the area with an elastic bandage. Some experts claim that parsley decreases inflammation, reduces pain, and can make the bruise fade more quickly. Image Courtesy- Getty Image

Citrus Fruits

Vitamin C in citrus fruits aids in rejuvenation of the elasticity of the skin and fortification of veins, arteries and capillaries. Therefore, eat oranges and apples to quickly cure the problem. Image Courtesy- Getty Image

Comfrey Leaves

Take fresh comfrey leaves and make a fine paste. Apply it on the bruise and leave it till it dries. Then, apply the second layer on it. Let it dry and after that, wash it off with lukewarm water. Image Courtesy- Getty Image


Cabbage can help in healing the bruise, as well as reducing the swelling. Apply macerated leaves of cabbage to accelerate the healing process. Image Courtesy- Getty Image

Egg Rolling

Boil an egg and peel off the skin of this boiled egg. Place it on the bruised area and gently roll the warm egg on bruise. This will help in reducing the swelling. Image Courtesy- Getty Image


Arnica is a very effective and multi-treatment homeopathic remedy for bruises. This will help to heal the bruise faster. You can also apply any ointment, which contains arnica. Image Courtesy- Getty Image


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