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Economical hobbies to take up in 2015

Spending your leisure time doing expensive things can cost you a fortune. However, if you pick the right things not only will you save some bucks but you will also learn some new skills which you thought were distant dreams.

Mental Health By Vasudha Bhat / Jan 06, 2015

Make Good Use of Time

The best part about economizing things is that it reduces your expense to an extent that you actually end up having the leverage of working less and having enough luxury time. After all, earning money is something each one of us can do but, the one thing that none of us can create is time. However, there could be a problem with having plenty of free time. If you are not wise enough to choose your pastimes and hobbies carefully, they have a potential of eating up a significant share of your income. Hobbies like playing golf or hobbies which involve building your own collections may be a lot of fun but they would hardly be canny. So, here is a list of hobbies that you can take up in the new year which would not go hard on your pocket and still keep your entertainment level high.

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Although you can spend a good portion of your income on gardening by buying exotic and large plants, laying paths and decks or by buying greenhouses and sheds, gardening can be an economical activity too. The best thing about growing plants is that they can reproduce on their own. You can socialize with other gardener friends so that you find yourself sources of new plants by exchanging seeds with them.

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Just like gardening, photography can also be turned into an expensive activity. You could buy expensive cameras and other equipments which may cost a fortune. However, you are good to go with a decent camera as well. Also, with the advent of digital photography you no longer have to pay extra to get your clicks processed. Once you have a camera, the hobby becomes virtually free and who knows you may end up becoming a pro and your pictures may actually start getting you some money.

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Reading is the ultimate thrifty hobby because not only is it enjoyable but it can also let you learn new skills. You may keep the cost of reading to a minimum by enrolling yourself in a local library, buying books for cheap online or by exchanging books with your reader friends.

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Animal Breeding

If you are an animal lover, this hobby could suit you best. Although, animal breeding is an expensive affair in the beginning, it can in fact, turn out to be lucrative later. You could allow pet owners to visit your office/clinic to have their pets bred whose offsprings you could distribute among pet lovers for some money later.

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You may have to be extra cautious while pursuing this hobby. Just like photography and gardening, you may also end up spending a lot of money on buying things for crafting which may not be economical at all. Re-use objects from around your home to create beautiful things which will make your hobby virtually free. Once you think your art has splendid aesthetic value, you can even put it on display to earn some money.

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Keeping Fit

The benefits of exercising just go without saying. But this does not mean that you have to spend a lot of money buying expensive sports gears or enrolling in an expensive gym. You can spend almost nothing by simply following a walking regime and if you wish to add some variety, go for cycling or running daily.

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To pursue this hobby, all you need is a pen and paper or a personal computer. Pen down whatever it is that comes to your mind, from how your boss made you feel in office to what you think about an ongoing issue. You may also start your own blog and let the world know your opinions. You wouldn’t spend much money in this process and who knows your ideas may get you a job which you have not even dreamt of.

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