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Learn to Please Wife and Earn Brownie Points

Here are some ways in which you can please your wife and show her your care and affection in order to earn some brownie points!

Dating By Arka Roy ChowdhuryJun 02, 2014

Loving your Wife

Earning brownie points with your wife should not be difficult, after all she married you! Marriage is the final step that a couple takes for a bond of a lifetime, and this does not mean that your work is over. Courting, wooing, loving and caring never stops, you have to make sure that you become her best friend, her lover, her shoulder, her greatest. For this we have brought to you ten ways in which you can earn brownie points with your wife. No, it does not require you to shed big bucks for a grand dinner at a 5 star hotel.

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Hold Her Hand

Do you remember the first time you held her hand? When that was all the physical contact that was there between the two of you? That definitely worked like magic, and it can still do. You have to hold your wife's hand without any reason, out of the blue, just in a burst of love and affection. She will appreciate this gesture and will know that you are there to protect her.

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Tell her She is Beautiful

Your wife needs to hear these words from you, she needs you to look right into her eyes and call her beautiful. Women want to hear such things from their husbands, and not from anyone else. Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, and to you she should be the most beautiful woman in this whole wide world. That is love, and she should feel it coming from you.

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Support Her

There will be times when she would be at her worst, and she would feel low. Your wife needs you the most during this time, and you have to make her believe that you are there for her. You have to tell her that you will support her, tell her that you are there for her and then be there for her. Be present in every step of her struggle and she would love you endlessly.

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Be Honest

Honesty gets big brownie points, really big ones. Honesty is one of the foundations for a good relationship and you will sweep her off her feet by being an honest man. You have to be honest at all times, and make her trust you with her life. Never lie about anything, no white lies, no small lies, no doing thing behind her back, and she will be forever in love with your good heart.

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Do Things

Give her rest for a day and do the cooking and the cleaning, if she is the one who does it usually. It is terrible that women have to do all the household work all by themselves. So give her a day off, or better still you could help her every day! This way you will ease the burden that is on her, and she will be very happy to see you have her back.

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Get Her Things

Get the things does not mean buying her a big diamond ring every month, we are trying to suggest something else here. You should simply make her feel nice by getting her things when you come home. Get her ice cream for example, or something that she likes. You could also invest some money and buy her the thing which she always wanted but could not get.

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Listen to Her

Make time to listen to your wife as much as you can. Your wife needs you to listen her, to listen to all that she has to say, her sad stories, her happy stories, her desires, her dreams, everything. She needs someone to listen to her, and so do you in fact. Listening is a virtue and you would do well by listening to your wife.

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Give her Space

She is your wife but that does not mean that she has to be stuck on to you like super glue, and so you have to give her some free time. Let her have some life away from you and the kids. She deserves some time all by herself and it will be great if you can cut her some slack. She needs her space and you need to give it to her.

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Go on Dates

The essence of your love and married life is found when you date your wife, because dating is exciting. Never stop dating your wife, under no circumstances should you cease to take her out. Go watch movies, dine at restaurants, drink coffee at street side cafes, and take lonely strolls in winter evenings. You have to date your wife and enjoy the blessing of your union.

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Kiss Her

Just grab her and kiss her for no reason at all, just for the sake of love! You have to show your passion for your wife, you have to show her that you want her and need her, that you love her at all times. This is why you have to kiss her, peck her, and love her without any reason! Any day is a good day for a kiss!

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