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Early Warning Signs of Kidney Stones

Kidney Stones can be very painful and discomforting, however if you know its early warning signs you can get them treated sooner. These signs will help you identify the problem and get early treatment.

Digestive Diseases By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Sep 08, 2014

Kidney Stone

A kidney stone is a crystalline mineral stone like material formed inside the kidney or the urinary tract. They usually form when there is an excess of stone-forming substances in the urine or the volume of urine is low. Kidney stones may cause blood in the urine and severe pain in the abdomen, flank or groin. Image Courtesy: Getty

The Early Signs

While some kidney stones, also known as silent stones, may not have any signs or symptoms, you will be able to notice the early signs of the problem. Here are some early warning signs of kidney stones. Image Courtesy: Getty

Frequent & Painful Urination

A sudden increase in the frequency of urination can be an early sign of kidney stones. If the urination is also accompanied by pain you should consider visiting your doctor to get yourself checked for kidney stones. When kidney stones move from the bladder into the urethra, they usually cause frequent and painful urination along with UTIs. Image Courtesy: Getty

Back Pain

The most characteristic early sign on of kidney stones is back pain. The pain is usually sudden and severe and may also move to the abdomen. If you are experiencing sudden, severe abdominal or back pain, you should visit your doctor soon. Image Courtesy: Getty

Appearance of Urine

Kidney stones can damage the small tubes that carry urine out of the body which may result in changes in the appearance or smell of urine. The urine usually appears darker and abnormally cloudy when someone has kidney stones. The urine may also carry an unpleasant, strong smell. Image Courtesy: Getty

Nausea and Vomiting

Kidney stones may cause infections, especially urinary tract infections that may be accompanied by symptoms of fever and fatigue. The back pain can also lead to an upset stomach causing nausea and vomiting. Image Courtesy: Getty

Blood in Urine

One of the most characteristic early warning signs of kidney stones is the presence of blood in urine. People with kidney stones often get pink, red or brown coloured urine. As the kidney stone grow, it may also cause tinges of blood in the urine. Image Courtesy: Getty

Problem Sitting

Sometimes, the kidney stones grow very large, making the person unable to sit comfortably. People with kidney stones often find it difficult to sit for long and begin to prefer standing. Image Courtesy: Getty

Fever & Chills

If kidney stones have been inside the kidneys for quite some time, they will often cause symptoms of fever and chills. With time the stones will frequently cause UTIs which usually bring along fever and chills. Image Courtesy: Getty


Larger stones can cause the kidneys to swell and become painful. If you notice any inflammation in the abdomen or lower back i.e. below the ribs or groin, you should immediately consult your doctor. Image Courtesy: Getty


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