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Drinks you can drink all night and not gain weight

Here is a list of drinks that you can try this weekend with no fear of gaining pounds the next morning. Here is your mantra of drinking without putting on weight. Have a look!

Exercise & Fitness By Namrata Dutta / Oct 04, 2016

Drink without gaining weight

Parties call for a night where you can drink all night long but at the same time you need to watch the calories that you gain. Yes, you cannot even get drunk without being alarmed about the weight gain that happens because of the alchol consumption. You can not  just stop partying or drinking but you certainly can't afford to gain an extra flab because your last night drinking. So, is there a way where you can drink and don’t gain weight?  Yes, it is possible to enjoy your drinks without fearing any weight gain. Here is a list of drinks that you can tryout this weekend with no fear of gaining pounds the next morning. Here is your mantra of drinking without putting on weight. Have a look!

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Bitters with soda

Just walk into the club and order some bitters. In case you don’t know what bitters are, it is a herbal mixture of alcohol and some other really interesting ingredients. It has about 30% to 45% alcohol and don’t worry, you would not put on any weight after having it. Just mix it with some no-calorie soda and amplify the taste. So, this interesting drink can be your ideal drink on this weekend party and you do not have to worry about calories.

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Some champagne would not hurt

The bubbly drink carries only 90 calories per glass and if you compare it with your staple drink, wine, it has lesser calories. Yes, a glass of wine contains 100 calories. It can be your clean drink option with antioxidant polyphenolic content and a very low calorie count. The best part is, champagne is less likely to cause hangover.

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Coconut water and vodka

Now, what can beat coconut water? Nothing, we bet. It can hydrate your body like no other drink and when mixed with vodka it can be your last resort, when no other low-calorie drinks are available.  So, what are you waiting for? Hit the party and enjoy your drink.

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Rum and soda water

This is another low-calorie drink. Rum is the cleanest of all, when teamed up with some lime and soda water; it turns into a fun option for the night. With only 100 calories, Rum and soda water will do you no harm. And just to add some fun, you can add some mint in it. This drink will keep you happy high with no threats of weight gain.

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