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Don’t Ever Try These Fad Diets

Dieters usually become frustrated and give up after a few weeks on unrealistic diets. Here are 10 worst fad diets ever that you shouldn’t try.

Weight Management By Ariba Khaliq / Jul 30, 2014

Do Not Try These!

Most miraculously-sounding diets yell “Eat what you want, when you want, and watch the pounds disappear!” and we nicely try them to melt away those pounds with minimal effort. Don't be fooled into thinking it is because of some magical food, pill or potion. What causes weight loss is eating fewer calories than you burn. There are some crazy, unbalanced diets that cause weight loss because they are basically low-calorie diets. Dieters usually become frustrated and give up after a few weeks on these unrealistic diets. Here are 10 worst fad diets ever that you shouldn’t try. Image Courtesy: Getty


Cabbage Soup Diet

A quick fix, the cabbage soup diet, has to be followed for seven days at a time. This week only allows you to eat fruits, vegetables and of course, cabbage soup (no points for guessing that). Followers do lose weight through this but the catch is that they only lose water weight which comes back on easily. Besides, who wants to eat cabbage soup for a week? Image Courtesy: Getty


Grapefruit Diet

This diet also limits calories by greatly minimizing the foods that one is “allowed” to eat. It has been around since 1930s, and sets out a specific set of foods which include unsweetened grapefruit juice, black coffee, non-starchy vegetables and some fish and meats. This diet is based on grapefruits’ fat-burning properties which haven’t been supported by any sciences and the triggered weight loss can rarely be maintained. Image Courtesy: Getty


HCG Diet

Being around since 1950s, the HCG diet needs the dieters to take no more than 500 calories a day. But, according to the US Committee of the Dietary Allowance, a person is recommended to take 1,200 calories at least. Plus, HCG couples caloric restriction with injections of the human choriogonadotropin (HCG) hormone. The hormone is supposed to stimulate weight loss. However, the FDA has as of now approved the hormone treatment only for women having fertility issues, not for weight loss. Moreover, this starvation diet can be lethal. Image Courtesy: Getty


Sleeping Beauty Diet

This diet plan encourages dieters to sedate themselves for a few days to “sleep off” the weight. Sounds extreme? Well, that is exactly what it is. No matter how much sleep deprivation hinders weight loss, and no matter Elvis Presley was reported to be a fan of sleeping beauty diet plan, it is not a good idea to employ to aid sleep for losing weight. Image Courtesy: Getty


Air Diet

Everyone’s heard that "French Women Don't Get Fat." The reason? As reported by French Women’s magazine Grazia, it is because of air diet. Apparently inspired by photographs of stars and models holding food near their mouths without actually ingesting it, this "diet plan" suggests miming eating without actually following through. Well, it isn’t a diet plan but a starvation plan. Don’t ever try it, you could become anorexic. Image Courtesy: Getty


Five-Bite Diet

Okay, so portion control does help in weight loss but a plan created by Dr. Alwin C. Lewis called the five-bite diet is based on very small portions. Dieters are told to drink lots of water in between meals, while only eating five bites of food for lunch and dinner. Breakfast is largely ignored. This diet plan is extremely unhealthy and is ineffective for weight loss in the long-run. It doesn’t meet your nutritional requirements and promotes poor eating behaviours. Image Courtesy: Getty


Ear Stapling

Chinese practice of acupuncture has given birth to ear stapling, which involves the piercing of small staples into the gear’s inner cartilage. These staples are supposed to act as appetite suppressants by triggering a key pressure point within the ear. According to Mayo Clinic, not only has ear stapling been proven to stimulate long-term weight loss, but it also opens the doors to an incredible amount of infection. Scary, eh? Image Courtesy: Getty



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