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Ditch Fear to Connect to a Higher Level of Inspiration

If your fear is holding you back in life, you need to acknowledge and confront it to bring your life out of misery. Here's how you drop your fears and change your life.

Mental Health By Himanshu Sharma / May 17, 2014

Face Fear and Change your Life

Even the bravest have fears to overcome. Everyone fears failure, change or something else that seems difficult. If your fear is holding you back in life, you need to acknowledge and confront it to bring your life out of misery. (Image source:Getty)

Get rid of thoughts of fear

Even if you do not have your life together, you have so much to live for. Life is a wonderful gift; just think positive and think what it could be. Always try to pinpoint the source of thoughts that worry you and work through them. (Image source:Getty)

Take control of your fear

Often, we are afraid of a situation just because we haven't been exposed to it. Because it's a mystery, you shouldn’t practice aversion but expose yourself for a better know-how. Better understanding of the fear will help to dissipate it. (Image source:Getty)

Talk to someone when you’re down

When you are down, call up trusted friends or talk to your family members. If it doesn’t comfort you, seek help from a counsellor. Talking about worries helps you get out of them. (Image source:Getty)

Face them

One of the ways to get rid of fears and connect to a higher level of inspiration is attacking your fears. Expose yourself to your fear, get in the zone and face it with courage. (Image source:Getty)

Get organised

Organize your time. If you don’t, you may end up worrying more as you will feel time constraint all the time. Set a sleep schedule and take care of tasks at the same time every day. Getting organised will help maximize your free time. (Image source:Getty)

Practice relaxation

When you feel the fear mounting, practicing relaxation will serve you great. Take a few deep breaths to let your body go as limp as possible. There are several ways you can practice relaxation techniques, in comfortable position, sitting or lying down. (Image source:Getty)

Live in the moment

Most of us fear about the future and waste the present thinking about it. We are not sure about what is about to happen, but we still worry about it. Center yourself on the “now,” even when you feel the fear creeping on. (Image source:Getty)

Don’t be tough on yourself

There is no such thing as mistakes or blunders; they are only lessons. Be gentle on yourself when you feel you’ve done something wrong. Get up when you fall, gain from the experience rather than going over what went wrong. (Image source:Getty)

Think about your successes and accomplishments

Think about your past achievements that can give you a boost you need. Think about the things that you did overcoming your fears and in the face of hardships. (Image source:Getty)

Foresee success

Picture yourself in the situation lacking fear. It can put you in a good mood, change your thinking and make you willing to get out of your comfort zone. Spend as much time as you need to get in the zone. (Image source:Getty)


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