Dispelling Age Old Eye-related Myths

Oct 11, 2014

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    The Popular Beliefs

    As kids, we always received instructions from elders to eat more carrots to avoid losing sight. Following these advises religiously may have satisfied you mentally but, have you ever wondered if these myths were really any helpful? Let's find out.

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    Myth 1:Squinting can Damage the Vision

    This isn’t true. Squinting may indicate a need for glasses but, it does not make the need for glasses any more stringent. People who squint do not have a damaged vision but, a person may experience some side-effects like headaches.

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    Myth 2:Reading under Dim Light or Reading Fine Print can Damage Vision

    When there is more light in the surroundings, it will definitely help you see better but, reading in dark has no effect on the eye. Similarly, reading fine prints increases the strain on the eye but that does not cause harm to the eye.

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    Myth 3:Sitting too Close to the TV can Cause Temporary Damage to the Eye

    Sitting close to the TV or looking at the computer screen for too long does not harm the eyes. The problem arises from the screen as people while staring at them do not blink.

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    Myth 4:The Worsening of Vision with Age cannot be Stopped

    Although there are some inevitable age-related problems, vision problems like cataract can be treated. There are many ailments that occur as a result of ageing which can be rectified by following general health advice.

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    Myth 5:Eating Carrots can Improve Vision

    Having a healthful diet plays a significant role in developing good vision but, that does not mean that eating carrots can improve your vision. When there is a deficiency of vitamin A in the body it will lead to vision problems but, having the vitamin in excess will not rectify the problem.

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    Myth 6:Using Glasses for Long Harms the Vision

    It is a popular myth that using corrective glasses can make you dependent and thus, deteriorate your vision further. The effects of ageing on the eye have a role to play in spreading this myth.

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    Myth 7:Not Wearing Glasses Regularly will Deteriorate Vision

    If you have glasses, not wearing them regularly may cause strain while focusing but, it will not cause any damage to the eye. A person may squint in order to focus better but, it has no effect on the eye.

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