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Diabetes Day Quiz

14 Novemember is celebrated as the World Diabetes day globally. Take this 5 minute quiz to know your understanding of the disease which affects almost 9% of India's population.Reasons why the reader should take the quiz. This is optional so you can delete this text and continue.

Who is at risk for becoming diabetic?

40 and above


Those with a family history of diabetes


Those with sitting jobs


All of the above


What causes diabetes?

High sugar intake


Inability of body to create/use insulin


Can diabetes be cured?





What are the symptoms of diabetes?

Blurred vision


Frequent urination


Numbness in hands/feet


All of the above


Which is the most accurate test for diabetes?

Blood sugar test


Glycated haemoglobin test


How can you control / delay diabetes?

Long sleeping hours


Eating more sugar


Daily exercise for 30 minutes

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