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Detoxify your body naturally using clay

Clay masks, clay baths, clay scrubs can help you have a both health and beauty with their detoxifying property.

Home Remedies By Namrata Dutta / Sep 16, 2016

Bentonite Clay

What is Bentonite? Bentonite clay is constituted out of ash made from volcanos. The best part of bentonite clay is that is gets absorbed in skin and also it is very gentle on skin. Bentonite clay has a very unique constitution of montmorillonite, which is a mineral and said to be the primary responsible agent. Bentonite clay also has few other trace minerals and magnesium that can absorbs all the toxins present in the body like pesticides, bacteria and heavy metal. If you consider clay body bath, it can balance and improve the blood circulation, can absorb the radiation and can even counteract the harmful toxin and poisons in the intestinal tracts.

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Fuller's earth

One of the most popular clay is fuller’s earth and people are very well aware of the benefits of fuller’s earth. Fuller’s earth is clay with earthy like material and can absorb toxins and bacteria. It is natural and one of the best beauty ingredients, owing to its skin lightening properties, fuller’s earth is also known as “bleaching clay”. Yes, this sedimentary clay is absolutely perfect for curing pigmentation and oily skin as it can remove toxins, impurities and oil from skin. Also, the antiseptic properties of fuller’s earth make it easy to treat many hair and skin troubles.

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Green Clay

Green clay is said to be a natural cure for many impurities in body that can cause may harms to our body. The primary healing power of clay is the negative charge that it has which can attract and bind the particles that are positively charged and the most common positively charged particles are viruses, toxins and bacteria. It can balance the effects of radiation. You can not only apply this clay on your skin but also consume it.

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White Clay

White is also known as Kaolin. This is one of the most gentle and mild clay that is perfect for dry yet sensitive skin types. It can purify your skin but it does not only purifies the skin but also soften and exfoliate the skin. It can be used on daily basis as it is very mild. It can help you cleanse the skin and eradicate all the dirt and toxin from the pores and also help to regenerate skin cells.

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