Depression How it Affects Sex and Relationships

Feb 18, 2014

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    Depression may sound like a minor problem as compared to other health problems like diabetes, however it can easily take toll on your sex life as well as relationships. Here is a list on how it can affect your life for bad.

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    Depression can have different effects depending on the individual and the severity of depression. One of the most common results of depression is loss of will to socialize. Some people simply withdraw when depressed. This will surely be harmful for any relationship.

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    Strange Reaction

    Depression can make a person react in a strange manner. While depressed men tend to display anger and even be abusive, on the other hand women tend to sink into sadness and despair. The strange behavior can quickly harm a good relationship.

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    Lack of Communication

    Communication is the most important aspect of a relationship. A depressed partner may find it hard to communicate normally which will eventually affect the sex life as well the complete relationship. Depression can easily be avoided by discussing everything you feel, think and understand in your relationship.

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    It has been observed that depressed people often develop the tendency to take things personally, even when things are not personal. Such situations can ruin a healthy relationship. Avoid taking things personally and support your depressed partner.

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    Depression tends to make a person less active which can be a bad news for the sex life. A depressed person feels tired and less willing to take part in any physical activity. It is due to such effects, depression is considered a sex drive killer.

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    Another bad effect of depression is the negativity it creates. It makes the depressed person seek negativity in everything while failing to realize the positive aspects at the same time. Such negativity gradually takes its toll on relationships.

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    When people are depressed they start feeling helpless with everything including relationship problems. A depressed person is less likely to try and workout on relationship to resolve the problems.

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    Depression often brings back the memories of past trauma caused in relationships or sexual life. All of this can easily create new problems and tension in your current relationship. A depressed person often accumulates all problems that can pose new threats to relationships.

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    Lack of Importance

    Depression can also stop an otherwise caring and loving partner from giving importance to the sex life or the relationship which will eventually harm both the partners. Give due importance to your relationship and you will find it work as a stress buster for you.