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Definite Signs you are Dating the Wrong Woman

If you are re-thinking your position about your current girlfriend then here are some signs that will tell you whether she is the right one or not.

Dating By Arka Roy ChowdhuryApr 05, 2014

The Wrong Woman

If you think you are on the top of the world with your woman then think again, because everything may not be as sweet and loving as you think it is. Your girl could be the best looking girl in town, but is she the right one for you? Yes, boys too need to think of that sometimes. Is she the right one? If you are wondering then stop right there, try this here, find out for yourself.

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She is the Boss

If you find yourself getting instructions from you girl, like, "honey, lets throw these shirts away, I will buy you some real shirts", then it could be a problem. So, do you see yourself spending your days doing what you want to do, or listening to your sweetheart's commands and instructions? The right girl never rules her partner.

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Over Possessive

It is something to be possessive, and quite a different thing to be over possessive. If your girlfriend or woman is over possessive then you would know, because it will drive you mad. It is very normal for people to be possessive about their partners and jealousy is the root of this. But making you mad when you even just talk to another girl is crazy to another level.

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No Respect for your Emotions

She is the wrong woman when your feelings and emotions  do not really matter to her. If she finds your problem "stupid" then you should run the other way at the earliest. Women who behave like this may become hostile when they are questioned. So, when you point out to her that it hurts you to see her flirt with this other guy she might throw knives at you.

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Psychotic Behaviour

Yes, you know your girlfriend is a psycho when she throws random tantrum and blackmails you emotionally. Such women do carry a lot of emotional baggage with them and can be completely crazy so you better watch out. Such outbursts and thoughts lack wisdom, understanding and rationality. Please be careful of such women, run, run now!

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She is an Alice

She is the wrong woman if she lives in a wonderland, yes! She will have insane expectations from you and will make your life hell. You will have to do things that are beyond your capacity and you wil basically be spending the rest of your life trying to please her and failing all the time. If she is living in a dream world then this thing will never turn into a reality.

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You cannot be Yourself

Every person is unique and that is what makes him or her different from the rest. The woman who loves you should be able to love you for who you are. If in case you happen to be living someone else's life because of your lady then that is the wrong life to lead with a very wrong person. You should be able to be yourself around your girl, or else its a NADA!

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Uses Sex as a Weapon

There are some women who use their physical attributes for their own benefit. Women who tend to use sex as a weapon can be dangerous to deal with, and they are in fact extremely dangerous. They know that a guy wants sex bad enough and therefore they can gift this to their guy and get whatever it is that they want in return. Never ever trust such women, and break up as soon as you can.

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She Makes you her Pet

You cannot be with your family, or with your friend or acquintances, or neighbour, or anyone for that matter. You are to only be with her and whenever you plan to spend time with other important people in your life she will make some excuse or the other to pull you towards her. She really hates your family for taking your time and will try to forbid you from getting in touch with them.

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She has no Life

Yes, it is true that being faithful is a virtue, but not to the extent of not having a life. If she breathes you and feeds on you and always requires to have you by her side then this is not the boat you wanna sail. She probably doesn't have a life and will make your life miserable too. For her the only aspiration is to find a man and you will be drained out of all your life if you are the man for her! Be careful before starting something with such women, once they get to you, it is difficult to get rid of them.

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Your Friends Hate her

When your friends finally do meet her they hate her guts. They spend the next one week trying to talk you out of it, and this sure does mean that she is not at all the one. Trust us on this, from an outsider's perspective when you see a couple you can tell a lot and if your friends do not think of her to be the angel that you think she is, then well, time to re-think and re-invent your emotions man!

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