Decoding the Female Expressions

Sep 11, 2014

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    Man vs Woman

    Women believe in expression while men like to put it in words. Females love to give signals but men like to be straight with what they have to say. Considering the fact that both the genders are poles apart when it comes to expressing, it has been believed that men are too bad at decoding what women have to say through their expressions. Well, there is no harm in trying. Take help from this guide.

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    The Bored Face

    This expression means that your current activity is not at all pleasing her and you must immediately make a switch to save yourself from the rant. When you find your woman resting her chin on her palm it is a clear indication that she is bored and needs something to interest her.

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    The Love-smitten Face

    When the cupid strikes a woman, she would smile wide enough and make her cheeks pucker up. Also, when you find crescent-shaped curves on her lower eyelids and an engraved smile that starts from the corner of her eyes, you must understand that she is in love.

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    The Neck-rubbing Irritated Face

    As soon as you find her rubbing her neck to calm herself down, understand that she is in trouble. She may be upset over something but, may not be able to point out why. Make it up before things are blown out of proportion.

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    The Fidgety Furrowing Face

    At times you may find her rubbing her temples and furrowing her brow. This means that she has some serious issues with the relationship. You may also find her fidgeting with some objects or may find her looking for something to throw at you.

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    The Aroused Face

    When she is ready for some action you will see her pupils dilate. Her lips may also seem to be plump due to the increased blood flow. You may also find her licking or rubbing her lips.

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    The Jealous Face

    If you find her biting her entire lip, she is jealous. She will also make a sharp eye contact to look for clues in your phone or in the room for other women.

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    The Surprise Face

    You may find it confusing at times because her surprise and fear expressions may be the same. When you find her mouth and eyes open a little wider than normal and the eyebrows raised, she is amazed.

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