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Dating Rules for Women

If you have been a constant date-repeller, the only medicine that can set you off on the right track is reading these ‘dating rules for women’. We have meticulously filtered these rules depending on each kind of beautiful women.

Dating By Bhadra Kamalasanan / Sep 30, 2014

Avoid Sharing your History

Every individual has been through a variety of experiences and sharing all the troubles and triumphs with a prospective date is inappropriate. Never spread graphic details of your ‘one-night stand’ or the ‘best encounter in bed with your ex’ to your date. Don’t overlook the red ‘I am not interested’ flag that he discreetly hides behind his face.

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Do not be Over-Enthusiastic

Your date is not your pet. Give him time to breathe and don’t bombard his phone, e-mails etc with your name. ‘Always leave them wanting more’.

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Never lead beyond the “not-working “phase

Do not lead your date when you are not prepared for anything more than just a date. Chances are that your date will develop intense emotional feelings for you sooner than you do for him. It is important that you realize the right time to stand up and move away.

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Compliment Him!

You are not the only one who needs to be complimented all the time. Compliment your date even if you are shy to talk about the latest trick he pulled in bed. Compliments make the good hormones spurt flood of positivity.

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Avoid Discussing Other Men

Would you ever like your date chin-wagging about other women he has been with? Nobody likes to be part of a discussion that involves stories about their date’s ex-girlfriends or boyfriends. If you can’t hold it in, attend a kitty party.

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Make Sure you Make Heads Turn

A gorgeous hairdo and some red lipstick can make the heads turn. Make sure that you look the best before stepping out of the house. Chances are that you may bump into your Mr. Right and he might just not want to look at a shabby you.

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Keep the Dates Brief

Don’t spend too much time on dates. Keep your dates brief so that you appear to be mysterious to the guy and it keeps them longing for more. Remember, less is always more.

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Let him Pay

There is no harm if it is your first date and the guy ends up paying the bill. It is called chivalry and you should be happy that the guy has some. Don’t force too much to pay. This may make the person needed.

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