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Crazy Things People do to Spy on Their Exes

Breakups are inevitable in some relationships. They might be beyond anyone’s control. However, some people still cannot get over the idea of not being with someone who used to be right around the corner whenever they were needed. Hence, comes the pra

Dating By Vasudha Bhat / Jan 28, 2015

The Crazy Era!

We live in an era where break ups and make ups are a part of daily life. Thus, keeping a spy eye on your partner appears to be vital. Besides, the basic human nature to peep into each other’s lives always tags along. All thanks to technology and social media, having a glimpse into the other person’s life becomes pretty easy. So, here are a few silly things that people practice to have a look into the life of their exes.

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Create a Fake Account

In most breakups, people do not wish to stay in each other’s friend list on Facebook. And, even if they do, testing the person always seems to be a good option. To keep a track on their ex’s life, there are many people who create fake accounts. Some might even go a step ahead by trying to woo their ex and then wait for them to reveal their `true colours’.

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Trial and Error Method to Login to their Account

If the ex has been smart enough to change the password after a breakup so that no one sneaks into their privacy, the trial and error method is adopted to barge into their personal life. Numerous combinations of numbers and letters are entered to spy on them. At times the trick works and sometimes it fails miserably.

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Having Another to Stalk Whatsapp

This can be a tedious task but then at times it is difficult to deter some people from their plans. There are many chances that your ex is aware of the kind of spy that you are and they might block your number. In such situations, some people go to the lengths of buying a new number only to stalk their ex’s Whatsapp account and to stay updated about their last seen status.

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Contacting all Mutual Friends

These can be the same set of friends who you might have ignored all your life. But, now that you are single and your spying mode is in its full swing, you again want to stay in touch with them and this time only to find out how happy or miserable your ex is without you.

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Visiting Places they Often Visit

Although you might want to make this appear a mere coincidence but you know it deep down inside that you have been longing to get a glimpse of them. Thus, you visit their favourite book store where the chances of having their glimpse become more profound.

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Making them Jealous

To see whether the feeling of jealousy works on them, people post pictures on social media. These pictures are mostly with people your ex did not like seeing you with when you were committed to them.

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Making Fake Drunk Calls

This is one of the most common practices. After a breakup you are not allowed to call them, especially if you have parted on not-so cordial terms. So, making fake drunk calls to see their reaction to things like `I miss you’ and `I want you back’ always comes in handy. If you do not get the desired reaction, you can be sure that they have moved in life.

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