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Cooking Mistakes That Kill Goodies in your Food

Cooking your food with a right method is important as incorrect method of cooking decreases the quantity and quality of our food. Cooking mistakes affect the natural composition of the food lessening its benefits. Wrong cooking methods also destroy t

Exercise & Fitness By Gunjan Rastogi / Jan 14, 2013

Use of Excess Salt

Extra salt in your food not only kills the taste of food but also affects the working of your kidneys leading to stone problem or any other kidney disease. High intake of salt can lead to high blood pressure, osteoporosis, weak teeth and arthritis.  As extra salt in your body begins to build up, it starts retaining more fluid eventually, resulting in weight gain and visible cellulite.

Adding Minimum Quantity of Salt

Preparing your food with less salt is as harmful as using excess salt. Less salt means reduced amount of iodine and sodium, which gradually interrupts the normal functioning of the brain. Extremely low amount of salt can result in poor muscle coordination and body weakness.


Overcooking destructs the structural component of the food and makes it indigestible. It reduces the nutritional value of food and largely affects the amount of vitamins. Intake of vitamins is essential for our body as they convert food into energy. Our body cannot do without the right amount of vitamins. So, make sure you cook your food at the right temperature.

Use of Wrong Cooking Utensils

Cooking utensils also affects the nutritional value of the cooked food. Molecules of the substance used as utensil can leach into the food. Avoid using copper, lead and plastic utensils as they have been linked to various illnesses.

Wrong Cooking Methods

Prior to cooking, make sure you know the appropriate cooking method. Instead of deep-frying, you can bake or shallow fry your food items as this reduces the fatty content in your dish. Deep-frying depletes the amount of nutrients in your food and makes it dry.

Mixing of Wrong Ingredients

Before preparing any dish, make sure you know the right ingredients. Green vegetables should not be cooked with garlic as it reduces the iron content in them.

Use of Inferior Ingredients

Use high-quality ingredients because inferior quality ingredients are adulterated. Mixing of these ingredients in your food contaminates it and can lead to serious health issues such as paralysis, brain tumour, food poisoning, body ache and many other ailments.

Draining the Water in which Vegetables are Soaked

Don’t discard the water in which you soak the vegetables and food items as the nutrients in them get dissolved in that water. Draining of that water means that you are draining the nutrients of your food.

Use of Excess Spices

Spices take extra time to cook and addition of extra spices means increase in cooking time thus, leading to overcooking. It kills the original taste of the food and diminishes its nutrient content.


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