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Compliments Your Man Longs to Hear

Every man wants to hear compliments. It is for you to know which one to give at what time.

Dating By Vasudha Bhat / Mar 20, 2014

Compliments are Important for Men Too

For women, receiving compliments is like sand on the beach. They are so used to being complimented that at times they don’t even bother to respond to them. But on the contrary, men are very rarely at the receiving end when it comes to compliments. However, that does not mean that they don’t long for compliments. Everybody wants appreciation and so do men. So, it is your job to tell your man how special he is through the compliments he has always longed to hear.

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`I Feel Safe When I Am With You’

You may be a 21st century woman who performs all her tasks independently and can very efficiently protect herself but it is your duty to tell your man how protected you feel when he is around. This will make him feel proud of his existence.

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`You are My Best Advisor’

Appreciating his point of view and seeking his advice over different matters of your life will definitely make him feel special. Tell him how much you appreciate his opinions and how much they matter to you.

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`You Are so Good in Bed’

This compliment is the one which every man dies to hear from their woman. You must not forget to tell him how good he is in bed. The pride which he will feel to know that he has mastered the art of satisfying his woman in bed will be beyond measures.

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`I Can’t do Without You’

Men might appear to be strong and practical in life but the truth is they want to be loved like a child. They want to feel needed by you even if it is for opening lid of a can. Tell him how incomplete your life would be without him.

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`I Long to See Your Face’

After a long tiring day, when he is returning home he must feel excited to know that there is someone waiting to see his face. Tell him every now-and-then that how much you crave to be with him.

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`You Are so Hot’

Just like women, even men want to be appreciated about their looks. Make him feel how sexually appealing and desirable you find him.

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`You Are so Talented’

Appreciate his professional skills and tell him how good he is at his job. This will keep him motivated and help him strive for bigger goals in life.

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`That was the Best Gift I have Ever Received’

Buying a gift for you or taking you out on a date must have involved a lot thought process on his part. Compliment him by telling him how precious the gift is for you and how much the date means to you.

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`Your Family is Wonderful’

Women generally have issues with a guy’s family or friends but if you compliment his choice of friends or make it look that you really like his family, he will surely feel lucky to have you.

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`I Respect You’

Being loved is a feeling everyone wants to experience, but what men long for is to be respected by their woman. This compliment can fill your man with positivity.

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