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Communication Mistakes Every Couple Makes

Communication needs not just be verbal, it can be through gestures, your attitude towards your partner, and also withholding information, that is, lack of communication. Here are some common communication mistakes usually couple makes.

Dating By Meenakshi ChaudharyMar 15, 2014


Communication is the foundation of every relationship, and it becomes a whole lot more important when the other person is your life partner. Couples can unwittingly ruin their relationship due to communication issues. Communication needs not just be verbal, it can be through gestures, your attitude towards your partner, and also withholding information, that is, lack of communication.  Here are some common communication mistakes usually couple makes.


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One of the most common mistakes that almost every couple does is to blame each other for everything. Blaming can have it's limited space in a healthy relationship however too much of it can ruin the relationship. Avoid blaming each other and start discussing your mistakes.


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Another problem that is although similar to blaming however has it's own consequences, is of criticism. No one likes to be criticised, not even from the loved one. It makes them feel low and to lose the self confidence. Instead of criticism, try an open discussion and share your feedback that can help your partner improve.



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One of the most dangerous communication mistakes that can kill any relationship is of accusations, especially out of false suspicion. Always keep in mind that you can't undo the damage done by accusations before you even think of accusing your partner of something.




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Everybody expects love and respect from a relationship. Yelling to your partner, regardless of the reason, can take a toll on that respect. Always stay calm and share your feelings including disagreement, dissatisfaction and even anger in a mutually respectful manner.


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The Silent Treatment

This is one of the most common and frequent problems in a relationship. People often stop talking to their partner when hurt which, with time, adds to their problems. So start talking if you want actually want your partner to understand you and your point of view.



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Body Language

Sometimes we try to express out dissatisfaction and hurt state with just our body language and actions to our partners. While it may get some partners to make the first move to work on the problems,  others may feel even more distant from their partner due to such negative body language.


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Withholding Information

Not sharing some relevant information with your partner may ruin their mood or even hurt them bad enough to ruin the whole relationship. Always make proactive efforts to share information that is relevant to your partner.


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Lack of Time

While spending more time together can make a relationship stronger, the lack of it can harm even the strongest relationships. No matter how busy life gets, you must take out time for your loved one.



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Rejecting the Bad

No one is perfect, so is the case with your partner. Don't just reject the bad habits in your partner. Discuss those habits and help your partner quit them. Only rejecting something will not do any good to your relationship.


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Carrying the Unresolved

Several couples keep on fighting over some old unresolved issues without ever trying to resolve them. Rather try to resolve them by being as clear as possible. Try to avoid these common communication mistakes in order to have a strong relationship.


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