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  • Ease your summer cold with simple ways

    Summer colds are very annoying as they ruin almost all the plans. Well, we have the perfect ideas to ease down your summer cold.

  • 5 types of foods you should avoid when you have cold

    We often believe, rest and good diet is the best cure for cold. Things like tea, ginger, and warm water help in fighting cold, but certain food should be avoided in cold.

  • Ways you may put yourself at Risk for Flu

    In case you haven’t taken a flu shot this year, it’s important to take some preventive steps to avoid seasonal flu. Following are the ways in which you could be at risk of flu.

  • 5 Complications of dengue fever

    Dengue is a serious condition for which you need timely treatment. The condition can cause complications (referred to as dengue shock syndrome) that can be fatal.

  • How to care for a child with viral infection

    Despite how hard you try to keep germs from spreading, your child will still be at risk. As a parent, here’s what you need to do when your child catches a viral infection.

  • 5 Freaky triggers of diarrhea

    Diarrhoea is not a fatal problem, but it can get very discomforting. Learn some of the strangest causes of diarrhea.

  • An overview of the kissing disease

    Mononucleosis, or the kissing disease, is a common viral infection that can leave you feeling tired and weak for weeks or months. Know everything about it.

  • 7 Types of flu you must know about

    Cough, fever and sore throat, all these are the most identifiable symptoms of flu. However, there are many other symptoms and types of influenza that you may classify incorrectly or know little about.

  • 7 Reasons Your Cold Won't Go Away

    If your cold is giving you a bad rep for your body, you are leisurely enjoying one of these 7 things that cause more harm than good.

  • Reasons you need to watch out for persistent cough

    Apart from an infection, there are a number of other reasons for persistent cough. Here are some reasons for uncontrolled cough that you need to know.

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