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Combat Erectile Dysfunction with these Exercises

Erectile dysfunction can be a cause for embarrassment among men and a big turn off for women. So, if you wish to fight the condition, physical exercises can be the best remedy for you.

Men's Health By Vasudha Bhat / Aug 02, 2014

No More Embarrassment

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that can be highly frustrating and embarrassing for men. It can often be caused due to different health related troubles like heart disease, diabetes, obesity and low testosterone level. Many men seek medical care to fight the condition. But, taking medication is not the only option for you. A study has shown that 40 per cent men suffering from erectile dysfunction benefitted from physical exercises and regained normal erectile function and an additional 33.5 per cent saw a significant improvement in erectile function.

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What type of Exercises?

Pelvic floor exercises also known as ``Kegel’’ exercises are the best when it comes to strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. Kegels are best to improve sexual health and urinary continence. Both the genders benefit from kegels equally. It helps to strengthen the bulbocavernosus muscle which is responsible for allowing the phallus to engorge with blood during erection, for pumping during erection, and for emptying the urethra after urination.

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Basic Kegel Exercises

If you want to locate the muscles of your pelvic floor the best way is to stop the urination stream several times in the middle of urination. The muscles that are clenched to do this are the ones that shall be exercised. Squeeze these muscles and hold for 5 seconds and then relax. Repeat this 10 to 20 times and do it two to three times a day.

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Don’t Stress Too Much

When you start doing kegels, you may not be able to finish a complete series of 10 kegels in one go. There is nothing to worry about. Don’t force yourself by holding your breath or pushing the stomach, buttocks, or thigh muscles.

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Aerobic Exercises

Exercising the muscles beyond the pelvic floor can also help fight erectile dysfunction trouble. Aerobics can not only help you improve your erectile function but, it can also improve your overall health. Brisk walking for 30 minutes every day can also create significant changes.

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Don’t Fall for the Trap

You will come across many websites that claim to rectify your erectile dysfunction through herbal supplements. But, make sure you don’t fall for such traps. Always look for safe and proven methods when dealing with sensitive issues like these.

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Other Options

Pelvic floor exercises and aerobics can be your best remedy when it comes to fighting erectile dysfunction. But, if you see no improvements you could consult a doctor and seek medical help.

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Don’t Let the Condition Take Over your Life

There are many treatments available for treating the dysfunction. However, starting with pelvic floor exercises and aerobics can give you significant results and improve your overall health. Don’t treat that this condition would be an end of life. There are many ways with which you can combat it.

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