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Characteristics Indian Men Appreciate in their Partner-to-be

Fair, beautiful and a well-behaved girl is what strikes the mind when we talk about partner preferences for an Indian male. But, what do Indian men really seek in their bride-to-be? Let’s have a look.

Dating By Vasudha Bhat / Sep 02, 2014

Bride-to-be or Not-to-be?

With all sorts of platforms coming up that help you look for your soul-mate, people now have the luxury of finding a partner who can live up to their expectations almost perfectly. Every individual has his/her own preferences when it comes to looking for a mate. While some men may want a homemaker, the others would rather be comfortable with a career-oriented female. So, let’s know what characteristics Indian men really look for in their partner to-be.

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Breaking the Stereotype

The first thing that would strike our mind when we talk about partner preferences for Indian men is a homely, well-behaved wife. However, while breaking this stereotype a recent survey showed that men now appreciate women who are career-oriented and who like to stay updated about what is happening around the world and not just remain confined to the walls of their house.

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Goal-oriented Girls

A survey showed that 83.5 per cent men wanted their partner to be career-oriented. In the survey, a management trainee Ajay Singh said "I don't think it would be fair on my part to not allow my wife to work. My work takes up most of my time. I leave for office at 8am and return at 9pm. I'm out for 13 hours every day. My wife will go mad staying alone for so long. Then, to pass her time, she will go shopping and waste money. It is better to have a double income and then spend than to have a single income and spend twice the amount".

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Cricket Lovers

Cricket holds a cult value in our country. So, when it comes to choosing a partner, men prefer girls who follow this game as if it were their religion. The survey showed that 76.6 per cent of men would prefer women who "love to watch IPL for the game and not for a cute player".

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Must have an Interest in Current Affairs and News

After cricket, men would prefer a partner "who likes to keep themselves updated with latest news". This view was shared by 73.8 per cent men in the survey. A web developer by profession, Sushant Sharma says "I don't want my partner to read times on the latest issues, but she should be aware of major events in the country and outside. I don't want her to know the minute details, like who won from which seat or by how many seats in the elections, but she should know about the topics being discussed frequently in the news and our peer groups. I don't want her to sound lame".

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No Colleagues Please!

Although men now prefer women who are goal-oriented and professionally sound, they still do not want their colleague to turn up as their life-partner. Office romances surely have some advantages yet 66.1 per cent men do not prefer their partners to be in the same organization. While sharing this opinion a bank manager Aditya Roy says "Working with your wife in the same organization could be dangerous. I will not marry any of my office colleagues. Getting scolded in front of your wife, or getting less increment than her will definitely hurt my ego. I will not see her as a life partner then. In fact, she'll be a competitor for me, which might lead to fights and arguments, and I clearly don't want that".

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Must not Watch Reality Shows

Reality shows have made a significant place in every household. However, men still do not appreciate women sitting glued to their seats when such shows are aired. The percentage of men who find reality show watching women annoying is as high as 80 per cent. On this Kishore Singh, a software engineer asks "do you think real life has less drama than reality shows?"

"Imagine you are talking to your wife over the phone, and she cuts your call when her favourite reality show starts. My ex-girlfriend was like that. She would not receive my call or reply to my messages when Bigg Boss was on. I had a tough time. She was so involved with the show that even when we were out or talking on the phone, she would discuss it. Like, seriously? I had enough of her TV drama and can't tolerate someone with similar tastes again", says Asish Ranjan, a deputy area manager.

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No Phone Addiction

This is another thing men would not appreciate a woman doing. According to the survey 78.2 per cent of men find women who are always on their phone to be irritating. A management trainee Siddharth Singh says "this habit of always being on the phone is quite irritating. I don't understand, in ladkiyon ke pass itni baatein aati kahan se hain. If your partner is constantly on the phone, apart from the phone bill, what I fear the most is her sharing too much with her friends. Aur phir doston ki toh aadat hoti hai advice dene ki - tu aisa kar toh tera husband tujh pe aur kharch karega. Also, when I am around, I would want her to spend maximum time with me, and not on phone. And when I am not around, she can visit her friends or do something productive".

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Survey courtesy: timesofindia.indiatimes.com


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