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What are the Causes of Testes

Pain in testes has many causes, here we are with ten such causes and their degree of seriousness.

Snr By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Apr 17, 2014

Pain Under the Belt

Yes it hurts a lot, and more than anything it is scary. Pain in the testicles could be because of a minor injury or some other illness, which should be diagnosed at the earliest. The pain in the testes could be associated with pain in your abdomen or groin. People with severe or unrelenting pain in the testicles should immediately consult a doctor. Remember, it could get nasty.

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Inguinal Hernia

Hernias are quite common in men, but most men do not actually know what it is. Testicular pain could mean that you have an indirect inguinal hernia, which occurs near the seam where your thigh meets your body. It makes your testes hurt because the hernia travels the same route your testicles took when your body was forming as a fetus.

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Testicular Cancer

The good news is that testicular pain rarely suggests testicular cancer, only may be 1 out of 10 with testicular pain feels pain. The cancer is usually detected when you feel a lump in your testicles. It may be painful, your testicles could just feel uncomfortable or heavy or larger and swollen.

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Testicular Torsion

There are some sources of testicular pain that needs immediate treatment or you could lose a testicle. Such is the case of testicular torsion. The scrotum is a torque free zone and at times it spermatic cord can get twisted and this results in shutting the blood flow to your testicles. You will experience pain and agony that is unavoidable. A surgery is a must, and do it fast.

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Males are very familiar with the crippling pain which is accompanied by a blow to the testicles. The pain usually passes and everything becomes ok most times, but at other times a shot to the testicles could cause other problems. The testicles are each surrounded by a multi-layered sac, and a direct blow can cause blood to collect between these protective layers. You must head t the doctor!

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What we call an epididymis is actually a coiled tube located in the back of each testicle. When straightened out it would be about 6 meters in length. This is basically the storage and delivery system of the sperm. When this gets inflammed this could then lead to a form of testicular inflammation which is known as epididymitis. The common cause is bacterial infection.

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If you have a mass in your testicles which feels like a bag of worms when you are standing up and then goes away when sitting then you need to see the doctor. Varicose veins is swollen or knotted veins that are present in the legs more commonly. Varicoceles is another version of that and makes the scrotum feel like it is full of spaghetti. The pain is mild or severe and grows worse with passing time.

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If you are feeling a pain in your testicles then this could also mean that it is caused by a cyst which is growing inside the epididymis. This cyst is benign and could start out as accumulated sperm cells. These are small most times and dont cause much trouble. But sometimes can grow large and you will sense heaviness in your testicles along with pain and discomfort. Spermatocele most times do not require any medical treatment and the doctor will check from time to time to see that it is not growing.

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A painful swelling of the testicles, orchitis can be caused by another condition that we have already discussed, and that is epididymitis. Also, commonly caused by some type of bacterial or viral infection such as mumps, brucellosis, and certain STDs. If you are experiencing fever, blood in your semen and an increase in pain when the penis or testicles move then you are in trouble.

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Kidney Stone

There is just one type of testicular pain that will result from a kidney stone, there is nothing wrong with your testicles. This is why you should always visit the doctor each time you experience a pain in your testicles. The kidney stones do not originate in your testicles, it can fell like it because the pain projetcs downwards. The kidney stones are in fact compacted masses that develop in your kidneys from the urinary crystals. Once the stones are removed, you will be free of the pain.

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Testicular Rupture

Certain types of testicular problems can be really bad, as bad as it sounds. A testicular rupture is caused by a rip in the membrane which causes blood to leak into the scrotum. Yes, it is bad, so head to the doctor's chamber!

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