Causes and Home Remedies to Fight Dental Discolouration

Apr 21, 2014

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    Dental Discolouration

    While white teeth add charm to your smile, discoloured teeth make you unattractive. The discolouration on the surface of the teeth is referred to as extrinsic staining. However, a careful and precise oral hygiene can help in preventing the stains on the teeth. Image Courtesy : Getty Images


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    Causes : Variety of Teas

    It has been observed under a research that consumption of  teas such as black tea, green tea and even herbal tea for over a long period of time, can be more harmful than coffee by eroding the enamel of the teeth.

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    Dark Pigmented Fruits

     Fruits which are packed with antioxidants and minerals such as blueberries, cranberries, pomegranates and black grapes can cause teeth discolouration as these fruits have intensely pigmented molecules which get stick to dental enamel causing the teeth to turn yellow.

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    No wonder that red wine can also cause discolouration of teeth as it an acidic drink that also known to have deep pigmented molecules. Besides, the intense acidic nature of white wine can also give you discoloured teeth.

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    Curry Powder

    Curry powder, deep colourant is commonly used in variety of Indian dishes can also be responsible for staining the teeth over a period of time.

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    Deeply Coloured Pulps

    Sauces like soy sauces, tomato sauce and red pasta sauce can also easily stain the teeth as the enamel is porous and exposed to dark colours.

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    One of the most common causes that result in stains on the teeth is chewing on tobacco. The harmful nicotine and additives in the tobacco causes yellow and brown deposits on the teeth which are very difficult to remove.

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    Soft Drinks

    Soft drinks contain bacteria that can be harmful for teeth as it causes serious discolouration of the teeth. Teeth get contracted when you consume soda of very cold temperatures making them porous and sensitive.

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    Remedies: Oral Hygiene

    Brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing once in day along with the mouth rinses can provide good oral health to get rid of tartar and staining.

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    Gargle After Every Meal

    It is always advised to gargle your mouth after a very meal as certain foods and beverages harm the teeth by staining them.

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    Must Eat Foods

    Apples and carrots together with celery help in removing the stains as they are known to enhance the saliva creation, which is considered to be body’s natural cohesive washing component. Moreover, these foods have content of vitamin C that helps to prevent the periodontal conditions

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