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Calories in Your Favourite Junk Food

Junk food has become a part of modern life. However tasty, fast food is alarmingly unhealthy. And to get an idea of why you shouldn’t have it so often, you must know how many calories it contains. Here is a list of your favourite junk foods and the n

Exercise & Fitness By Ariba Khaliq / Feb 24, 2015

Our Favourite Grease Holes

Say "fast food" and the first thing that comes to mind is greasy, oily, unhealthy garb. That doesn’t stop most of us from consuming junk food on a daily basis anyway. We all have our favourite grease holes, be it McDonald's or KFC. Okay, so we know fast food is unhealthy, but do we really know what we are consuming? How many calories are in a Mac Chicken, Whopper or Cheeseburst pizza? Well, when you finally understand what you're putting in your system, only then will you consider changing your fat-eating ways.

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Chicken Burger with Mayo

That makes the evening snack of so many of us. That luscious chicken burger with extra cheese seems like the best thing that can happen to the world because it tastes good to your tongue and your pocket too. Thanks for being curious, that mayo chicken burger serves a good 360 calories to you. To burn 360 calories, you could walk for 100 minutes, jog for 41 minutes, swim for 30 minutes, or cycle for 55 minutes.

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French Fries

Those crispy, salty little yellow things without which your meal is never complete provide you with 101 calories and 5g of fat. Sure, you can’t stop having them, we totally understand. Here’s the deal: You can burn these 101 calories by walking for 28 minutes, or jogging for 12 minutes, or swimming for 8 minutes, or cycling for 15 minutes. Simple!

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The favourite chai-time snack of Indian families, one piece of samosa gives you a whopping 308 calories. This doesn’t include the calories from the lip-smacking sweet-n-sour chutney it comes with. Oh, don’t forget the 9 mg of cholesterol it brings along. The amount of exercise needed to burn these 308 calories is similar to what you did for that chicken burger.

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My idea of defending momos is that they are steamed and that’s why they aren’t unhealthy. But, this isn’t true. One plate of momos contains a huge 342 calories and 90 mg of cholesterol. Vegetarians have no right to rejoice either. Their plate of momos also contains 190 calories. If you helped yourself a good serving last evening, you should better get going for your 100 minutes of brisk walk.

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Potato or Banana Chips

As soon as the clock strikes four, you have your packet of chips on your work desk. And you won’t stop munching until the packet is over. Here’s how much you’ve just consumed. Every 50 grams contains 268 calories which will take around 90-115 minutes of brisk walking to burn off. Fortunately, there is a healthy replacement to that bag of chips: Have two bananas or a glass of fruit juice or a fruit plate to munch on.

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Soft Drinks

You must have been warned against it several times. But somehow, you just can’t swallow your food without a glass of Coke or Pepsi to accompany it. Those sinful glasses contain around 7-8 spoons of sugar. For every 355ml, it contains 150 calories; and you will need to paddle for a good 30 minutes to torch them down. Or you could replace the fizz with coconut water (48 calories for every 200 ml) or lime juice (40 calories for every 200 ml). Another healthier option would be soups, which will vary in calories depending on brands and types, but will surely be less than 150 calories.

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Party at home? Order a pizza! Don’t feel like cooking? Order a pizza! Need to treat friends? Order a pizza! Feeling low? Just order a pizza for god’s sakes! Alas, if only eating healthy was as easy as ordering a pizza! Every slice of chicken pizza you have gives you nothing less than 300 calories and don’t even bother counting if you got extra cheese over it. And don’t even bother counting how much exercise you will need if you ate the whole pizza. Just hit the gym already.

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