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Build a ripped, muscular chest with these exercises

To build the chiselled chest, you must work your chest muscles from different angles, with or without using fitness equipment.

Exercise & Fitness By Himanshu Sharma / May 01, 2014

Chest Exercises

The chest muscles, also referred to as the pectorals or pecs, are one of the most noticeable muscle groups. You must know the challenging exercises that will help build strength and size in your chest. (Image source:Getty)

Bench Press

Lie on the bench keeping your back straight. Plant your feet firm on the floor, shoulder-width apart. Lift the bar and slowly lower it until it almost touches your chest. Push it to contract your chest muscles at the top. Beginners should repeat the motion 5 times and increase the frequency when they are comfortable with the exercise. (Image source:Getty)

Bent Forward Cable Crossover

This exercise can be done in two ways – either with your feet planted hip-width apart or with one in front of the other. You need a pulley machine, place your hands below your shoulders on the machine and make the controlled movement. Bring your hands together and extend your arms. Bring your arms slowly back to the starting position with control. (Image source:Getty)


Grasp the dip bars and lift your body. Elbows have to be straight, wrists in line with the forearms and one leg across the other to give you control. Exhale and bend your elbows to lower your body, until elbows are at a 90-degree angle and your upper arms are parallel with the floor. Push into the bars with your hands and get back to the start position. (Image source:Getty)


Not all chest-building exercises require machines and fitness equipment. The ordinary push-up is one exercise that you can do at home for chest muscle activation. Besides working your chest muscles, pushups also strengthen arms and shoulders. (Image source:Getty)

Knee pushups

To do the knee pushup, kneel down on the floor on both knees. Keep hands forward until you feel the weight of your upper body on your arms and bend your knees so that your feet are in the air. Bend your arms down to a 90 degree angle and get back to the initial position. (Image source:Getty)


Pullups are a great way to build upper body strength; they strengthen the chest as well as the arms, shoulders, back and abs. Grip a pullup bar with your palms facing out. Pull your bodyweight up until your chin is slightly above the bar. Lower the body until your arms are almost fully extended. (Image source:Getty)

Dumbbell Bench Press

As barbell bench press is not suited for everyone, dumbbell bench press is a good substitute. Lie on the bench with straight back. Plant your feet on the floor. Lift the dumbbells, lower them slowly until they touch your chest and push it back to the starting position in a controlled motion. (Image source:Getty)

Inclined Dumbbell Flys

Incline the bench at 45 to 60-degree angle. Lie on the bench with dumbbell in each hand and feet firm on the floor. Keep your shoulders, back, head and buttocks pressed to the bench. Position the dumbbells close to your chest and armpits with your palms facing up. Pull in your abs slowly and press the dumbbells up to your chest. (Image source:Getty)

Side Crawls

Get in a plank position with the arms straight under the shoulders. Keep the chin tucked, take small steps to start and take the arms and legs to the side. In the side crawls, the hips rotate back and forth during this exercise. (Image source:runnersfeed.com)

Focus on Form

Whatever exercise you do or whatever workout you follow, you need to focus on the form. If your form collapses, it doesn't matter how many reps you are doing. Keep the count to what you can manage. (Image source:Getty)


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